World Cup

Twenty20 World Cup 2010

T20 tournament returns guaranteeing suspense, tears (for the losing sides =p) and excitement all round.

The cricket T20 is now well under way with the first 4 matches completed. Now for those who don't know what a game of Twenty20 cricket is, a summary would be that it is a shortened version of a normal 50 innings one day match.

Who are your favourites to win this years T20 World Cup??

Workings and History of the T20 game and World Cup.

T20 conists of two innings typically lasting 20 overs if disrupted by bad weather then the innings may become shorter.

T20 has officially been around since 2003 but has only become more popularin recent years with the introduction of the IPL tournament and T20 World Cup.

Hand Of Henry!

Oooohh... are people now going to forever remember Thierry Henry for that goal against Ireland? Forever a cheat? Or will people forget this one mistake?

What are your opinions on it? He said himself it was a handball but that it wasn’t deliberate... hhmmm... do you agree? Does it look instinctive or deliberately directed...?

Does it change your opinion about him in any way?

Do you feel for Ireland? Can you just imagine the uproar if something like that had happened to us... again?

What can and should be done about stuff like that in the so-called beautiful game?

Should Henry have gone to the ref and owned up?

Or... what is all the fuss about?! It’s just a game!

The Revival Guide To The World Cup 2006

The World Cup. Its great innit! We all fool ourselves that our national team is gonna win. We all support the underdog. We all support teams like Nigeria in their matches against European rivals. We all shout ingerluund! ingerluuuund! iinggggerlundddd!

But lets face it, we all know Brazil is gonna win. (EDIT - hindsight is 20:20. Just imagine we said Italy!)

So what really matters is which players makes a name for themselves, which nations are disgraced (2002: France- no goals!), and which TV Channel has the most viewers! All in the name of footballing glory.