Fate of the Rohingya at sea

Rohingya on a Boat

Similar to the EU washing its hands off the refugees trying to cross from Libya into the relative safety of Europe. a similar but worse fate is facing the Rohingya.

It has now been a few years since the oppression of the Rohingya has come to the fore - from around the time the brutal military regime controling Myanmar "democratised", The Rohingya are the current bogeymen of Myanmar.

They have been persecuted, robbed of their rights and are not considered citizens of the country despite their presence being traced back to these locations for atleast a thousand years.

Why does a petition on the genocide of the Rohingya have trouble reaching 500 names?

I'm not one for petitions normally, but it is embarassing that there havent even been 500 signatories.

Let's get this moving - tell your friends, tweet, add to facebook. atleast make it respectable.

An interesting side note is that while this injustice has been happening, international aid to Burma/Myanmar has increased from around $1billion to around $4billion - outside voices can have an effect, but its not fashionable on this occasion.

Nobel Peace Prize Aung San Suu Kyiwinner finally acknowledges Rohingya Muslims and some of their plight

The Burmese Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi has to date mostly either ignored or outright dismissed the plight of the Muslim Rohingya in Burma.

Which generally went against what the western media has billed her as.

But now she has spoken out about a specific policy enforcement, which is trying to prevent Rohingya families from having more than two children.

While it may not be a full on acknowledgment of what has been happening in Burma, she has finally actually admitted to there being something wrong here.

Read the news story at BBC News: