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The final assault is about to take place against ISIL and others in the Syrian city of Idlib

The final assault is about to take place against ISIL and others in the Syrian city of Idlib. Before it does, the western media is already talking of a Human rights tragedy and innocent lives being lost.

Two things spring to mind, 1] Lack of media coverage on the Genocide in Yemen by the Saudi led coalition. 2] Can we trust the media? Here is the full transcript of an article, whilst a decent reading does shed some light on the media and their masters.

Is it not time Britain decided to accept it cannot afford to play in the big league anymore?

Islam or Submission.

Islam or Submission.

The Arabic term "Islam" itself is usually translated as "submission"; submission of desires to the will of God. It comes from the term "aslama", which means "to surrender" or "resign oneself". The Arabic word salaam (سلام) ("Peace") has the same root as the word Islam.

Islam or Submission

But what do we submit to? Is it to God or people who say that they speak for [interpret the Scriptures, Bible, Torah or the Quran/Hadiths]?

In Christianity, Judaism and yes Islam we have had religious leaders who say that they

1] They, and only they have studied the above religious books sufficiently to understand them.

2] Their interpretation are the correct ones and as such are not up for discussion.

Saudi Arabia the home of Islam

Saudi Arabia the home of Islam

Having read some of the articles on the Revival web site about how hard done too followers of Islam are in Britain, examples;

1] Sisters only swimming in Birmingham, not only do they require woman only swim sessions [fair enough] but some even seem to want to ban non Muslim women at the same session.

2] Learning and Speaking English Language; As this is used as a way of weakening Islam control of their members. Most Muslims born in the UK can speak, read and write English. Also they have [some] the ability to speak the language of their parents/grandparents [partly because their grandparents especially speak very little English] But it is not just Muslims who are being asked to learn English as a matter of course.

The House of Saud

For the first time the BBC ran and article [once[ on the news criticises what the Saudis are up to in Yemen. This led me to do a little research, it appears that the House of Saud is getting a lot of criticsm. Could this be the start of the fall House of Saud? Still the UK can always give them asylum if needed.

Saudi 'economic bomb': Running out of money

Saudi Arabia may have to start taxing its people