Saudi Arabia the home of Islam

Saudi Arabia the home of Islam

Having read some of the articles on the Revival web site about how hard done too followers of Islam are in Britain, examples;

1] Sisters only swimming in Birmingham, not only do they require woman only swim sessions [fair enough] but some even seem to want to ban non Muslim women at the same session.

2] Learning and Speaking English Language; As this is used as a way of weakening Islam control of their members. Most Muslims born in the UK can speak, read and write English. Also they have [some] the ability to speak the language of their parents/grandparents [partly because their grandparents especially speak very little English] But it is not just Muslims who are being asked to learn English as a matter of course.

It is all Nationalities and religions, which are being encouraged to learn English. Maybe if all documentation was in English only and not translated into many different languages, plus the provision of free interpretation facilities. It would both save the taxpayer money and encourage the learning of English. [Following the Islam’s example in North Africa and the Middle East] Hence the ability to communicate in basic Arabic from Morocco to Oman?

What I am coming too Muslims appear to be saying how intolerant the westerners are to Islam. Also the fact that a lot of their wants are not catered for and how we force them to live in their own areas? Generally make life for Muslims in Europe very difficult for Muslims. [I don’t think so, tolerance and understanding is a two way thing]   

Saudi Arabia the home of Islam and the birthplace of the prophet Mohammed.

Islam is said by Muslims to be a tolerant and just religion. Then again is Wahhabism a religion of its own and is not adhering to the spirit and teachings of Islam?

Saudis Arrest and Deport 27 Christians for ‘Conducting Christian Prayers’

August 31, 2016 by Raymond Ibrahim

Saudi Arabian officials recently arrested 27 Christians—among them several women and children—for the crime of “conducting Christian prayers” and being “in possession of Bibles,” reports Arab media.

The group of Christians, most if not all of whom were Lebanese nationals, were celebrating a Virgin Mary feast day when authorities stormed their residence and arrested them.

For more of the story you can look at the above link. Or if you want it in Arabic try this one.

Europe gets enough criticism from Muslims about trying to ban the Burqa. I can imagine what the response would be if we banned the Quran and forbid the attending of Mosques [50% are funded by the Saudi’s]

Then if Europe followed Saudi Arabia’s example and deported all Muslims who did not comply. There would be [and quite rightly] riots. But for Saudis [not to mention Muslim controlled countries to persecute, or treat as second class [dimmi status] Christians. Then again would it not be alright for Europe’s many other citizens [non-Muslim’s] to openly state enough tolerance to a intolerant religion?   Or maybe openly support Muslims who are trying to stop the spread of radical Islam from Saudi Arabia?

UK mosques implement Saudi Wahhabi restrictions on women Posted on May 6, 2016 by Admin 


Wahhabism was only able to thrive after the ottoman empire was brought to an end.

They also gained strength at the time that oil became all important so they have always have had foreign backing from the major powers, including the UK and the US.

Most people will disagree with how Saudi do things and not accept their version of austerity, which has only been possible due to the petrodollar and the military backing of the Uk and then the US.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

Very true, without oil the Middle East would be just a back water and of no interest to the west. But they had the oil, the west as paid dearly for it both in cash and loss of control.

By control the Countries in the oil producing states own quite a lot of equity in western countries and can play the markets to create either a boom or bust. At the moment with oilat an all time low they are quietly selling their equities to raise cash to keep their people happy [but for how long].

It would have been good to find an alternative to oil energy, but every time some alternative looked viable. Oil was made cheaper so the alternative was scrapped.

Only China [very little oil of it’s own] is not playing the game. It is pressing on with Nuclear Power. Wind and Solar Power. It is also not neglecting it only source of home grown power [coal] it is building modern coal burning power plant with plans to close down old coal plan in cities and towns. Not too mention improving its electrical transmission system so that it can transfer power easily within China. Making it energy secure without having to import so much oil.

The EU started to do this by increasing spending on electricity transmision systems, it even had plans to build wind and solar plants in southern Europe [suprisingly including North Africa] but apart from Morocco the rest of North Africa is on hold.

This was to have been the start of a longterm project to increase electrical production in that part of the world, bringing the cost of electricity down with any surplus being fed into the European grid via Spain. This would reduce dependancy on oil.

The US as been going down this path for several years now in its southern states and is gradually reducing its oil dependancy. So there might be some changes in relationships bettween the west and the oil producing states in the not too distant future.