Issue 9: Ali & Jamal

By Naheem Zaffar

Meanwhile on the other side of the globe…


Jamal: Ali? Is that you?

Ali: Erm… Assalamu Alaikum brother. Ermm kay… kai… Kaifa Haluk?

Jamal: I'm good. I thought you were in prison?

Ali: My lawyers a good man. You remember big Sam right? Say hi to him. He’s letting me use his phone. I'm telling you Jamal it was a big misunderstanding! If they tested the stuff they would have known it was just flour. To make chappati’s! Desi style. But since I am Muslim they just banged me up man! You know how it is Innocent til proven Muslim. I had no chance!

Jamal: Yes Ali. I gotta go, late for my lessons.

Ali: Wait Bro, I need your help!

Jamal: How can I help you? You suffered for your own actions. You committed the crime. Now you will have to do the time.

Ali: Listen Tupac, I got an appeal going. I just need a character reference. I think I will get out of here.

Jamal: But I know you did drugs!

Ali: I thought you were my Muslim brother!

Jamal: I am!

Ali: So why are you not making the 70 excuses for your Muslim brother? You taught me about that. I got bare friends away from doing time like that!

Jamal: Sorry I can't help you.

Ali: But I am a changed man Bro… I mean Akhi! My dad said if I don't get the sentence quashed he will disown me. He said it brings shame on the family having a son convicted of drug dealing. I think he has told everyone I have gone back home to choose a wife!

Jamal: You know that ain't helping you?

Ali: See! I need you here. You have always been like an angel on my right shoulder stopping me from getting cau… I mean stopping ermm… from doing bad things. You's known me for time. I'm too pretty to be in prison man!

Jamal: I'll see what I can do.

To be continued…