Any tips on how to make notes, quick? college teachers/slide shows go WAY too fast.

i need to learn to abbreviate. but i dont kow how to!

help plz...

Don't write everything the teacher says. Only write the things you don't know.

Don't make sure you're handwriting is perfect, as long as you can read your writing, its fine. I sometimes write so fast that I can't read certain words.

If you find it quicker, use the abbreviations you use when text messaging.

Sometimes you may want to write a few sentence but because the teacher is not stopping you can't. What you can do here is just write a few keywords, so afterwards when you do get time you'll remember what the teacher said by reading the keywords, and then write the sentences down.

Some universities (don't know about colleges) allow audio recording, so you can do that if you find it helpful but it is time-consuming.