How strong is the Israeli Lobby?


Since the terrorist attacks of july, all reports about the hunt for the bombers etc always seems to have another following it mentioning how Israel has lived under this menace for far longer. Every report about prevention is followed by how its prevented in Israel. Every report of political issues are followed about how Israel has similar issues, but has dealt with them.

Today, Bliar went out of his way to condemn suicide bombings in occupied Palestine.

Now is this because of the strong pro-Israel lobby, or because Britain has a strong empahy with Israel? Are they the same thing?

In my opinion this fighting to link it with what the Israeli's face is distasteful in the extreme. Political capital is being made out of a human tragedy. Besides Israel is not exactly peaceful with the Palestinians, so all relevance IMO is lost.



I agree with you, it is a blatant piece of political / personal opportunism.

I can really only assume that it is an attempt by Mr Blair to equate suicide bombings in Palestine with the bombings here to draw support for the people of Israel, that are being attacked by suicide bombers. He did mention other places too but, the circumstance and "reasons", whether you agree with those or not are not the same in any guise.

I do think that politically Britain has a strong empathy with Israel, how can it not, when it was Britain that played a major part in "allowing" Israelis / Jews to settle in Palestine in the first place. If the poilticians said anything else it would be a little self contradictory, historically.

I'm not a reactioary, or scare monger, but lets face facts the Jews have a huge voice, internationally, both politically and financially.

But hey!



well as israel has suffered so many homicide/suicide bombers, id say the connection is pretty clear...

"Ging Ging" wrote:

I'm not a reactioary, or scare monger, but lets face facts the Jews have a huge voice, internationally, both politically and financially.

nuthin wrong with dat...

why dont muslims organise their efforts in a similar way, to get da message across?

all dis anti-israeli stuff is a bit dodgy and sinista...

ppl need to put down those protocols of da elders of zion...


"St George" wrote:
well as israel has suffered so many homicide/suicide bombers, id say the connection is pretty clear...

I don't know why people use the term "homicide bomber".

Its like saying a "flying plane" or a "killer assasin".

What purpose does bombing have other than to kill?

prob cos homicide bomber sounds closer to "murderer"


Hiii Georgie Poos,

I was kind of intimating that this far reaching political / financial "influence" may be a contributing factor in the refusal of SOME countries to openly condemn Israel for its "occupation" of Palestine.



the Israeli lobby is very very strong. very very powerful and very very ruthless - we all know this. when it works for us we ignore it and even deny its existence when we are not affected we ignore it but when we are being thrashed by it we can only curse it - give us the satisfaction to at least curse it

there is nothing insidious in this George. insidious is to uphold or ignore the lobby which makes totally inhuman decisions and is now giving advice to the british government on how to deal with the current situation - which makes it for the police to shoot innocent ple ok

Hello gingy...hope u didnt get swept away in dat tornado... Biggrin

i know da pro-israeli lobby is v influntial...they get there views across cos dey media savvy, well eductated, well organised, successful, tighty knit community etc....

but wots to stop muslims adopting da same tactics to get the palestinian side of da story across?

they, potentially, culd have just as much impact as da israeli lobby...its all politics

almas...i aint sayin israel has done nothin wrong...i know how heavy handed they can be...but da palestinians r gonna get nowhere thru violence...there can only be a political solution...



Hi Georgie,

Aaahh, its so sweet that you were so worried about me. :oops:

As you can see I'm still here!

The problem with that is that the Israeli / Jewish influence is so much more deep rooted politically and financially, than the Muslim influence could ever be. I think that the Muslim "world" has never really had the world stage to play on. Most things that you hear about Islam have been very negative over the years. This and I suppose the seemingly insular nature of Islamic communities has contributed directly to the real views, opinions and concerns of Islam, from Muslim point of view being left out of the political arena.

I do not think that the Palestinian situation is merely a question of political discussion. The root of the problem is tangled in injustice and wrongdoing as far as Palestinians are concerned.

I would'nt over the course of 50 - 60 years be forced to give up my homeland and let foreign politicians decide when if and how much I could have back of what was my home, in the first place.



gingy my windswept brummie friend...

if there is no political solution, how will there ever be any chance for peace?

wots de alternative?

more fighting? countries lost 4 wars and have given up da struggle....palestinians cannot advance their cause with an uprising, it impossible to defeat israel...dey can’t hope to drive da jews into the sea anymore...there is only politics left, gingy!

it may seem impossible to match da power and influence of da israeli lobby, but there is no other way...theres plenty of well educated, successful muslims in da west, so they have da job of helping palestine thru political means...

dey need to get their views into da public arena, and influence the decision not sayin its easy, but i dont see any other alternative...


Hi Georgie,

I was trying to say that you cannot politicise peoples emotions. The depth of feeling of "hatred" is far beyond political solution.

I really also feel that any political solution without acknowledgement of illegality or a very least wrongdoing, is another way of ignoring the way that the Palestinians have been treated and their view point, in terms of the occupation.

Given all of the facts of the occupation I really feel that Israel "owes" the Palestinians a mountain of concessions. The very least that they should do to make some step towards amends is to concede that the occupation is / was illegal under international law observe some of the 70 or so U.N. resolutions that they have ignored and withdraw from significant areas of Palestine. All that Israel is willing to concede is land that is a mere fraction of the land that has been occupied and even that they are indirectly in control of.

I really do not believe that any country should be allowed to "bully" another into accepting the minimum return of any occupied land, purely because that is the best the occupier can or is prepared to offer.

Intimidation, disregard, U.S support and abuse of military might are the real enemies to a solution in Palestine, not the Palestinians. The onus should be on the Israelis to offer an honest solution, because they started a dishonest occupation.