God has created diverse human beings to live in this tiny global village of one family. Creation by its very nature is diverse with different species, different communities, different cultures and languages. These differences represent the beauty and wonder but diversity is sometimes not fully appreciated, resulting in all sorts of clashes. The British society and Establishment must learn to respect and accommodate others, as if in a family.


Peter Sutherland , executive of Goldman Sachs, former BP Oil executive,, member of the Bilderberger Steering Committee , and member of the Round Table of European Industrialists and EU Commissioner. Reported by media [ including the BBC] ,at a UK parliamentary enquiry , that

" EU states need to do more to undermine the homogeneity of their nation states " He also stated that Western nations must be designated as " settler nations " and must take more unskilled immigrants, and that the immigrants should be able to choose which Western nations they move to .


There will never be an end to immigration, because of aging population and low birth rate. Without migration, European society and economy would bleed to death. There is no end to migration in the near future. The overall problem when dealing with immigration, is the need to first ascertain where these people have come from:- If they are from Commonwealth Countries (most likely not Australia, Canada, or New Zealand - there the immigration goes the other way), this can be seen as 200 years of imperialism coming back to bite us. If they are from Eastern Europe, this can be seen as 20 years of moronic EU policy coming back to bite us. If they come from the Middle East, this can be seen as 100 years of never ending scheming and meddling in that particular region coming back to bite us.


Just remember, Englanders - there's a few thousand people in Calais who want to come to your country. But there's several million Scots who want to leave it. They don't like the filthy wars your filthy politicians keep starting, that keep the whole world on the move. And they don't like the way that you're poisoning yourselves with racist hate against migrants either. They don't like the way that you're doing the bankers' bidding - blaming the problems that are being caused by their ruthless greed and incompetence on hardworking migrants who put more into the economy that they take out. Those bankers want to privatize the NHS - and their first move is to start kicking the immigrants. Englanders! Do something about the stupidity and nastiness that is growing in your culture!


Europe is dying its natural death. It needs more and more immigrants to keep their societies alive. Without migration, European societies and economies would bleed to death.


In order to maintain strong economical growth we need technological growth AND population growth! Technology is not the issue, but maintaining a growing population will be hard when Americans are having less kids and families are becoming smaller. We need to sustain population growth through immigration.


Immigration and Immigration, is that what the idiots in parliament gas about every day ? First fact, human beings live on one bloody planet...The only reason why divisions of bits of planet called countries exist is that the elite have these bits of planet as plots of land so they can farm human capital, keep everything fenced and bordered up because theory only see people as livestock of the economy and not as human beings... I hate living on this planet with this BS... I express more thoughts about it. I welcome immigration and the enormous contribution it has made to build modern Britain. It's scroungers like IDS and his rich friends who we can do without.


Immigration is only an election issue now because for over 20 years it was impossible to even comment on it without being branded a racist and a bigot. A lid can only be kept on a pot for so long before it boils over, which is now what has happened. Like it or not immigration and the EU are the key election issues which matter to millions of UK voters and you cannot wish that away. Smith is not as stupid as he looks. he has seen that some towns look more like a part of Pakistan than the UK. So what if they do? Who cares? Grow up. Immigrants contribute more positivity to the UK than IDS ever will. Iain Duncan Smith, the work and pensions secretary, has said that non-English-speaking children are changing the character of British schools. This is has been going on for at least 20 years and only now are they waking up? Go into any school in London, Birmingham, Manchester or similar conurbation. The predominant language you will hear is not English but a cacophony of languages from around the globe. Children in multi-ethnic schools actually achieve better qualifications than those in all British schools. They learn languages faster and do well because the immigrants want to learn and expose the rest of the school to their enthusiasm. Immigrants are less likely to claim benefits because they want to work and get ahead whereas an increasing number of Brits want to sponge off the State and have a life on Benefits. Ian Duncan Smith is a case in point - living off expenses, allowances and an inflated salary and with a gold plated pension, all paid for by the taxpayer.


UK economy grew at fastest pace because of never ending immigration. Without constant flow of immigrants British society and economy would bleed to death. In today's world we can no longer afford to live in a vacuum and ignore what is going on in the rest of the world. Trade, travel, and telecommunications have made the nations of the modern world more interdependent than ever before and today more than ever before - we need to desperately seek solutions to climate change, water scarcity, pollution, over population, and Third World poverty.

Of course we need immigration Why? Because if we didn't, with an ageing workforce and nobody being trained up sufficiently due to government cutbacks, and the obsession with living off house price inflation rather than getting people to make stuff, be it things or intellectual property, there are not enough people in the indigenous population to keep our systems going. Research into the “London effect”, which sees the capital’s schools outperforming the rest of the country in their GCSEs, puts the achievement down to the diverse ethnic make-up of its schools. Analysis published by the University of Bristol points out that only 34 per cent of Year 11 pupils (studying for GCSEs) are white British, the lowest performing ethnic group, compared to 84 per cent for the rest of the country. We know that immigrants, recent and long standing contribute more to the economy than they take out, we know that ethnic minority students make the most of their education, we know that the health service would collapse without immigrants, we also know that the most unpleasant and ignorant people in the land are white, wealthy, public school educated and in government!

Look around you. Most people love the diversity of multi-cultural Britain. The young adore it. Its only a few noisy Alf Garnets, who history is passing by, who just do not have the intelligence to see their pathetic racist arguments are utterly illogical and worthless. They are passing away daily. Britain today is a multi-cultural society. It will not go backwards. The Alf Garnett UKIP racists (Dave was not wrong) are whistling against the winds of history. We want immigration. We want to ensure we have the tax income to care for our elderly. According to todays Daily Mail "Welfare spending has been pushed up by a 30% leap in the numbers turning 65. More than 720,000 reached that age last year. The biggest number ever". Where is the money going to come from?  The elderly are looked after in their old age? If you think your mean spirited racist views will defeat this reality you are living on another planet. You are absolutely entitled to free speech. But free speech not based on facts and reality is simply hot air.


Life goes in circle. When English tried to rule the world, the world has learnt English and now they are here. In this day and age, there is no identity.  In Oz where white people have pushed the aborigines out of the country, and most white do not consider themselves intruders and called it home. Can we remember that the real reason immigration still goes on, for the most part it is because young white British people still think they are "too good" for jobs at fast food restaurants, as cleaners etc.. Immigrants aren't stealing those jobs away from people they are taking the ones we don't want. There are many exceptions to the rule, but it's the truth on the whole. The problem does not lie in immigration per se, nor the lack of a British backbone. If you must look at it as a "them and us" situation there is fault on both sides. Brits should welcome those who decide to make their home here, in return Brits should reasonably be allowed to expect those who come to conform to British way of life & use English language without being branded "intolerant". Immigrants are often vilified for not wishing to integrate. But figures clearly show that white Brits have no wish to integrate either!


It is chickens coming home to roost, but obviously indigenous brits do not want to be reminded about how they did not migrate, but ran half the world from London, when indigenous people were denied basic human rights in their own country - DC visiting India & making reference to the massacre in Amritsar, which is just the tip of the iceberg on what brits go up to in days of empire!


I wonder what the Aboriginals of Australia and Indigenous population of the United States of America and Canada would have to say on this subject. Payback is a bit*ch.. They used the same strategy in America. These governments are illegitimate imo.