Prayer: Beyond The Motions

Prayer: Beyond The Motions is coming to London, UK on April 22-23, 2011!

In this unique seminar, learn how to connect spiritually with your Creator through prayer. Let us teach you the hidden meanings behind salah and why it is essential to your existence. Not only will the instructor impart the skills you'll need to master khushoo but he will delve more deeply, into the inner realms and intricacies of this ibadaa. As a result, the prayer will no longer be regarded as a mechanical chore, but an intimate meeting with the Divine. Through such insight, we hope you will leave this non-fiqh seminar with an awakened and unparalleled understanding of this fundamental pillar of Islam.

This seminar has limited seating. Due to high demand, some past courses have sold out. Secure your spot today! To learn more about this course and to register, please visit us at .