George and the ‘ISIS Bride’ Shamima Begum

There as been many comments in the media; ref Shamima Begum the young girl who went to Syria in support of ISIS/DAESH. Whether or not she should b] Allowed to come back. Or b] leave her where she is and revoke her British citizenship.

I was going to make a comment but I came across an article on Off Guardian that gives a good summing up of the problem. This and the subsequent comments are worthy of a read.

George and the ‘ISIS Bride’ Shamima Begum

I have only a few more thoughts of my own to add to the subject. Are we to punish a young girl for making an idiot [IMHO] of herself. When we have all been guilty of making idiots of ourselves in our younger days, which, if were ever made public, we maybe embarrassed?

Never the less the crowd that she attached herself to are not the most ideology sound in the Muslim cause. But many people have joined ISIS, and others in Syria, have been investigated and dealt with as needed. But whether on appeal the Home Secretaries decision is upheld remains to be seen, but we need [the UK] to be seen as fair and not create a home goal for Muslim fanatics.

Some reasons why I believe David Javid, the Home Secretary made the decision,

1] To appear strong and decisive. When the government is at 6’s & 7’s over Brexit, plus it won’t do his bid for PM any harm?

2] To deter any British citizens from doing a similar thing in the future.

3] To deter ISIS members, and others from returning to the UK.

1 + 2 is logical, but 3 means that ISIS members will sneak back into the EU/UK covertly. We will not know who they are, nor the numbers. Creating problems for the future of the EU/UK?

In the coming months there will be many more Shamima Begums. The Home Office will be faced with a task worthy of a Solomon to sort out. The MI6 is already talking of an increase in Islamic violence in the UK/EU when these hardened fundamentalist’s return from whence they have been.

I wonder if I am being naive? But there is a way we could have something positive from all this. But it would take courage and vision from all concerned to put into action. Rather then sit and wait to see what happens, then blame the Muslims and the idiots who call for reprisals against the Muslim population. Not to mention the Imams and Muslim leaders saying what ISIS is doing is a perverted form of Islam. Then round and round we go till next time, we could just maybe bring an end to it?

If we were to have a open debate with say three or four ISIS members on one side and three or four Imams of both main branches of Islam [Sunni and Shiite] on the other side. The ISIS members could put forward their grievances and why [in their opinion] the Quran supports their actions. Whilst the Imams could explain why [in their opinion] the Quran is being mis-interpreted?

The debate to be held in camera, in a quiet studio, if necessary faces blurred out to protect the participants. The debate NOT to be held in front of an audience in a similar manner to News night. Has, has been done in the past with the BNP, UKIP etc, all that gave us was shouting, and anger, basically bear-baiting for adults.

Why I said it would need courage, from both sides, as they will be seen to debate some parts of the Quran, which may be questionable? It will also need courage from the Government, because their actions in the Middle East can be said at the very least questionable?

Some if the grievances by the militants I can understand [I may not agree with the manner to which they have resorted] the interference of our, and other Governments in the internal affairs of many Sovereign Countries. Humanitarian aid and condemnation yes. But the direct involvement, and in the arming of combatants no. People did protest openly to try to stop our leaders from taking these actions but with little or no success.

That is why I say it will take both courage and vision by all sides to take the action I have put forward. We need as human beings with intelligence and compassion to try to break the cycle. We may not succeed, but if we don’t try, things may just get worse.

My fear that at some time in the future their maybe fundamentalists, other then Islamic fundamentalists who may take similar action citing their own perverted view of religious scriptures to justify their actions.

I could write a thousand word essay, using either the Torah, the Old Testament or the Quran. Depending on what sections I use, or pick out. They could be made to seem either as a violent, perverted ideology. Or as an ideal way to live.

Most followers of these three religions, if they know their scriptures, are fully aware of my meanings. I like many people, choose to think. Yes they were written in a different time and for a different world and choose to ignore the sections that have no relevance today. People and the world as moved on and the majority of people, just wish to get along with other people.


Thank you for this insightful post. I have posted it to twitter too:


"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.