Shamima Begum

George and the ‘ISIS Bride’ Shamima Begum

There as been many comments in the media; ref Shamima Begum the young girl who went to Syria in support of ISIS/DAESH. Whether or not she should b] Allowed to come back. Or b] leave her where she is and revoke her British citizenship.

I was going to make a comment but I came across an article on Off Guardian that gives a good summing up of the problem. This and the subsequent comments are worthy of a read.

George and the ‘ISIS Bride’ Shamima Begum

On Shamima Begum and other returnees from warzones

Three young girls feared to be on the way to Syria

Over the past couple of weeks there has been mass media attention to the case of Shamima Begum, who along with a couple of friends left to join ISIS in 2014.

At the time she was a 15 year old and is now 19. In that time she has talked about two of her children being killed and has recently given birth to a third.

The whole topic has brought up a lot of emotion, mostly because it seems Sajid Javid, the home secretary decided to make it into a political power play, just like he did his canceled holiday over Christmas to deal with the UK being swamped with about 10 migrants.