David Cameron, the friend of Muslims - NOT!

David Cameron at Chatham House, 2015

David Cameron
"The Future of Britain's Relationship with the European Union, 10 November 2015"

Over the weekend, it has emerged that David Cameron has written another set of identikit letters to various communities in London in support of the Conservative candidate for Mayor, Zack Goldsmith.

Previously there has been controversy when David Cameron wrote identikit letters to multiple regions as part of his charm offensive. Most regions found it offensive as the letters were all the same, but with the names of the regions changed - this was exposed by the Yorkshire Post which refused to go along with the charade.

This time the controversy is rather different - letters have been sent to groups that the Conservatives have profiled to have some anti Muslim animosity and targetted them to promote Zack Goldsmith over the Pakistani origin, Muslim sounding, Labour candidate for the Mayoral election, Sadiq Khan.

Ofcourse, this profiling caused a quiet uproar, especially when some of the recipients of the letters have been offended by the contents and not because they were mistargeted - someone with a surname of Patel will not always have anti-Pakistani or anti-Muslim preferences. Indeed there are many muslims with the surname Patel.

The same goes for people originating from the Indian region of Gujarat.

Even some of those who are targeted who may be of teh Hindu or Sikh communities will not automatically be anti Pakistan or anti Muslim.

So the overall campaign has probably been neutered and ineffective.

But what all this exposes is some of the biases of David Cameron. In the past I have considered his government to be anti-Muslim with some personal hatred towards the UK's Muslim community. I have based this on the lack of understanding, lack of sensitivity and targetting of various aspects of the Muslim community.

This has been done through the "Trojan Hoax" enquiry into schools in Birmingham and the rest of the UK, where the current head of OFSTED seems to have a personal vendetta, many acts of Michael Gove, who before entering government had even written a book with a chapter on Muslim infiltration with "Trojan Horse" in the title along with other policies that have been backwards and ill thought out such as the Prevent initiative and legislation which has made schools suspicious of and legally obliged to report toddlers for extremism.

This latest stunt shows more of David Camerons hatred towards Muslims.


Interesting article about the Mayoral Election in London.

Heres the BBC reporting of the candidates. make interesting reading

As for Cameron, like most of the leaders he is out of touch with the ordinary UK voters. Hence they relies of advisers, who are not a great deal better.

As for London, whoever becomes Mayor [and i don't realy care] it won't make a great difference for the ordinary Londoner. As for the rest of the country? My biggest gripe is the trend for London Boroughs to move residents who are on housing benefits out of London to other parts of the UK. This may help London in the short term, but in the long term it will be harmful to the rest of the UK.

While i am on the subject, i notice that both Conservative and Labour Candidates state that they want to build upwards of 50000 affordable homes. I wonder where and what they deem affordable?


What are your views on Jeremy Corbyn?

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

What are your views on Jeremy Corbyn?

At the moment he his not impressing me, As a backbench and constituency MP he was alright.

He was a paper candidate for the leadership election, but the plans went adrift when he won a majority in the first round of voting. Much to the shock of the Nue Labour Elite.

Now the poor dear as to a] watch his back and b] grow a set and put the policies that he alleged believed in all his political life. [giving the voters a real choice] Or c] move over and allow another leadership contest.

The outcome of may prove that the Tories and Nue Labour are simply different sides of the same coin.

Maybe the Lib/Dems might reform before the next election using the mandate, "We held the Tories in check, just look what they are doing now without us in the cabinet?"