David Cameron

David Cameron, the friend of Muslims - NOT!

David Cameron

Over the weekend, it has emerged that David Cameron has written another set of identikit letters to various communities in London in support of the Conservative candidate for Mayor, Zack Goldsmith.

Previously there has been controversy when David Cameron wrote identikit letters to multiple regions as part of his charm offensive. Most regions found it offensive as the letters were all the same, but with the names of the regions changed - this was exposed by the Yorkshire Post which refused to go along with the charade.

David Cameron speaks about Israeli deaths, but ignores murders and suffering of Palestinians

Today at Prime Minister's questions, the UK Prime Minister paid his condolences to the families of three murdered Israeli teenagers.

However he did not pay his condolences or even mention the murder of a Palestinian teenager last night.

Nor for the 5 Palestinians killed by Israel while carrying out their searches the past 2 weeks. He hasn't bat an eyelid to the kidnap of over 400 Palestinians and the bombing of Gaza.

There was also no reaction to the cold blooded murder of Palestinian children by Israeli security forces in May of this year. The murders were caught on CCTV camera:

David Cameron denies parenting classes 'nanny state'

Describing vouchers for parenting classes in England as a "nanny state" policy is "nonsense", David Cameron has said.

In three trial areas, those with children aged up to five can get a £100 voucher towards parenting classes.

The PM has also announced a new NHS online information service for parents of very young children.

PM: Tackling Gangs 'New National Priority'

Tackling gangs should be the "new national priority," the Prime Minister said as he blamed the recent riots on selfishness and family breakdown.

The Prime Minister said a "social fightback" must follow the security response already announced.

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