Marriage or not?

S.a. I have one question. One brother and I want to get married so we prayed istikhara..he asked his mom to do it and first time his mom saw herself standing in queue and she didn't have required documents so they pull her out of queue..then she founds them in the bag and gives them and when she turns she sees people in white coat like those ones in lab..second dream, second istikhara, she saw girls studYing and doing exams and someone was screaming talaq, divorce..same night I saw a dream, istikhara, and it was positive..also he did istikhara and was positive...after some time I saw a dream without istikhara, that I lost one shoe which means divorce..his mom did istikhara and it was negative two times and one time positive..I did that night too and saw dream ans was we don't know what to do..should we get married or not because of these divorce parts and what does this all mean?

Istikhara is not about dreams.

It is about asking God to help you with the path that is better for you.

If after Istikhara you feel more strongly about getting married, even that is a sign to go forward.

Don't turn it into superstition.

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