What is the ruling of a man who divorced his wife to marry a woman whom he has been having an affair with? The new wife asked him to divorce his first wife if he wants to marry her (new wife). How does islam view both husband and this new wife? What about other people including friends and family who knew about the affairs and divorce but nobody intervene because they think its none of their business? In fact they attended the wedding as if it was event of the century. The man did not even tell his ex wife and their teenage kids about the wedding and they found out from third party. Does the man need to tell in advance of his remarrying to his teenage kids who couldn't even handle the divorce?

Idiots Guide To Marriage in Islam

Shaykh Salim Ghisa

What is the purpose of marriage in Islam? What are the benefits?

Marriage is a bond that makes it permissible forĀ a man and a woman to have an intimate relationship. This would then allow a child to be born from that relationship and to have its name linked to both the mother and the father.

Can a boy/girl choose her own marriage partner?

Yes a boy or girl can chose their own marriage partners so long as it meets the criteria of Shariah (Islamic law). This means that they should be Muslim and their beliefs should not be of those that take them out of the fold of Islam. (1)

Do you need the consent of your parents to get married?

England 'divorce haven' of Europe

England has become the "divorce capital of Europe", according to a senior family lawyer.

The system is paternalistic and unprincipled, says Lady Deech, chair of the Bar Standards Board.

Huge assets can be divided equally after only a few years of marriage, sending the wrong message, she says.

A leading defence lawyer says judges do recognise that women in short marriages should not be compensated in the same way as in long marriages.

Wrong message

Lady Deech says settlements that automatically keep ex-wives in comfort at the expense of ex-husbands are wrong.

Agony Aunt - Making a go of Marriage

This issue we take a break from our usual Q & A with Shaykh Salim Ghisa and instead we bring to you 'The Revival Agony Aunt' section with sister Ruqayyah Waris Maqsood.

Asalamu Alaykum sister. I just got married, and me and my husband are not in good times but the problem is his mother is a controlling person and I am just falling away from him. As things were this bad... someone from my past comes in and I end up loving them.

Divorce - Marriage Dissolution

Hussein Khalid Al-Hussein, Ph.D


Any discussion of marital relationships in Islam, should briefly mention the laws of divorce, since marriage and divorce are strongly related. The laws of divorce are among those laws shown in detail in the Qur'an along with the laws of marriage. It is also important to study the other forms of marriage dissolution besides divorce that are mentioned in the Qur'an and Hadith.

At-Talaq (Divorce)

Divorce is allowed in Islam. People, however, should not abuse this permission by seeking divorce without good reasons. Although if a couple divorces without reason it would still be considered lawful.