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Big Brother
Big Brother - Eyes
Sajid Iqbal

We've all heard of the programme, which turned the country in to couch potatoes for the entire 64 days just a few months ago.

Big Brother, a programme where 10 people chosen from thousand of applicants, were asked to live in a house where there were hidden cameras placed throughout the house covering their every move... and I mean every move if you know what I mean.

Every week one guy was evicted by the television viewers, who were given tasks to carry out and then were judged on their success as well as their behaviour, personality and deeds. The successful person was rewarded £70,000… and we all know it was Craig the cheeky scouser.

'What the bloody hell has this got to do with anything you Charlie… Is this an Islamic newsletter or the TV Times…'. is probably what you're thinking this very moment.

Well, you know what pal, let me shock you by saying that our life in this world is just like the telly show 'BIG BROTHER' - no fatwa's please, let me explain! Our house is this world - the dunya.

Our hidden camera is none other than God Almighty, the creator of the universe who watches our every single move. Allah gives our tasks in His book, the Quran and by His Messenger, Muhammad (saw).

The Creator judges us on our deeds and actions and our prize at the end of the show is Paradise and eternal life. Now what do you make of that then? Not bad eh… I know you're shaking your head and saying the blokes lost it but just think about it for a moment and it'll make sense to you … trust me.

OK. Just think of the following scene… there was a time when Muslims would look at the lives of the non-Muslims- or 'goray' as we like to call them (.. its Asian lingo mate) - and simply laugh at them and feel sorry for their dead end lives and dodgy deeds.

We would say with a cheeky giggle '…the geezers work five days , get mashed out of their heads on Friday and Saturday nights and wake up in bed the morning after the night before, next to a naked body saying to each other "..who 'r you…we didn't did we..!'.

Well today it’s the same old activities but the 'geezers' are Pakistani, Bengali, Arab etc . Its no longer Claire or Debbie, Jack or Bob - today its Muhammad and Abdul, Aisha and Yasmin.

Today the state of the young Muslims - the future of Islamis a very sad and disturbing one.

Taking weed, downing a pint and one-night stands has become too common and part of our culture. The biggest attack and danger today is the drinking of Alcohol by Muslim youth.

It's as if every Tom, Dick and Harry is drinking it willy nilly without realising the damage they are doing to their faith and deen as well as their physical and economic condition.

Its as if these activities have been 'accepted' and seen as the 'norm' by the Muslims. So much so that a pious and practising Muslim is seen as a 'saddo' , 'loser' or 'shotha'…uh, its Punjabi I'm afraid..

The question arises then: why are many of the Muslims so far away from Islam? And what can we do to turn back to Islam and become a practising Muslim? And how can we clean the slate clean and start from fresh , especially in this month of Ramadan?

You see if we turn back to our Big Brother scene it will be clear why we go astray and how we can sort ourself out. Check this out; the idea that at 'B ig B rother is always watching you ' should become clear:

You're cruising down the road in your Suzuki and you approach the lights, you think I ain't stopping and all of a sudden you see a cop car from a distance. So what do you do?

Slam your brakes, put your seat belt on and hope the coppers say nowt. Its true innit… unless you get a buzz out of being fined and visiting the nick!

You see we follow the law because we know we are being watched, and if we break the law we will be punished. Another example: will you ever light up a spliff or chat up a bird in front of your parent, big brother or your local molbi (imam).

You must be joking! Why? Because you know a higher authority is watching you, so you have to do 'the right thing' otherwise you will be punished big time.

Now, to get to the point if we 'do the right thing' or follow the law of the land only to please the higher authorities in this world then why not 'do the right thing and obey the law of Allah' - the Creator of the Universe, who is the highest authority and is always watching you?

You see whether we are playing football, watching the telly, in the town centre, in the mosque or in the nightclub our every action is watched and recorded.

Big Brother is always watching us so isn't it about time we faced the facts and sorted ourselves out to save our self from the embarrassment in this world and the hereafter. A couple of things might be on your mind.

You're thinking: 'OK I know Allah watches our action but still I can't stop myself from doing what I do, even though I know its wrong. So, what do I do?'.

Fair point. To know something is wrong or haram doesn't take a genius but to stop you from committing sin and haram acts is harder than sneezing with your eyes open…(..if you manage it, you're eyes will pop out!). But you see that is the trick. That is the test.

The test of life- pass this and you're buzzing…. by the way we're talking about gaining taqwa not trying to make your eyes pop out! What we need is taqwa-the fear of God but how do we achieve it?

Here's a few tips you can use especially in this month of Ramadan:

  • From day one have the intention that by the end of the month you want to be a changed person. Leave the 'messing about' behind you and understand your role and responsibilities in this life.
  • Get some solid knowledge behind you. Pick up the right books from a mate and understand what Islam is, who is Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wa Sallam (Peace and Blessings be upon him) and be convinced that Islam is the only true way of life.
  • Try to read the Quran everyday, even if it’s a few lines. Try to understand it, so get an English translation (not the ones which are in prehistoric English but the modern English one).
  • Most important of all- start praying regularly. If you can't read salah (namaz) properly then now is your time to ask a learned brother.

You see, the pomp and show of this life (..or should I say sex, drugs and rock 'n roll…) will never satisfy, you will always want more. Just like junk food kills the physical heart, junk entertainment kills the spiritual heart.

Only by pleasing the creator and practising Islam in your life can you get the best out of life. Never forget: Big Brother is always watching you.

For further info on any of the issues raised contact The Revival. Visit for further articles on Ramadan.


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