A discussion

Technology has destroyed communication in numerous ways. Before the introduction of phones, ipads, Television, laptops, xbox, computer games, ipods etc, society was active and mentally healthy. Being sociable does not represent the amount of hours you spend behind a screen; rather it defines how well you are when it comes to communicating TO and WITH people. Before the emergence of technology, a stress free life was laid out with tight knit communities and suicide rates were not as high! People fall out now even more as they did before, simply because of a misplaced explanation mark, forgetting an emoticon or the extra 'X' at the end of a message. The need to keep up with friendships, latest news and emails has taken over the importance of family life. Society has succumbed to technology because the media has taken control. The pressure to get the latest and updated phone is an ever advancing industry which feeds on the eagerness of individuals. Unfortunately this has made it difficult for people to communicate effectively as people's responses differ and expectations of how someone is meant to react begin to vary. Compared to 10 years ago, this has become a problem, especially in a setting where determining body language is essential to communicate successfully.

On the other hand, technology has also enhanced communication. It has become MUCH easier than before to send someone an important message and even save a life! Social networking sites have become occupied by users all over the world making it simple and cost-efficient to keep in touch with family and friends no matter what their location. It is a source of stimulation for workers who wish to wind down and take their mind off the busy life in which many of us lead. It’s a platform for people to express their views to the public and find information quickly without spending hours looking through a book. Everything we own has a technical mind behind it so what difference does this make with technology? Society is upgrading and advancing than ever before and this has made it easier for people to move forward much more conveniently.


Has technology destroyed or enhanced communication?  

What do you guys think?  



bit of both. depends on the platform also. I myself complain of having too many chats on whatsapp and just being expected to reply to emails by such short notice yet i really look forward to the day (or night) when whatsapp will be available on a PC.


i really do hate having to reply so quickly.


plus, so much info is thrown at us so fast. we just take it in and dont remember where it came from. we dont value information as much coz its so accessible. so much lies have been so easily spread; an obvious example are all those quotes pictures that are totally misquoted.

Is it true? Is it kind? Is it necessary?