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Technology has destroyed communication in numerous ways. Before the introduction of phones, ipads, Television, laptops, xbox, computer games, ipods etc, society was active and mentally healthy. Being sociable does not represent the amount of hours you spend behind a screen; rather it defines how well you are when it comes to communicating TO and WITH people. Before the emergence of technology, a stress free life was laid out with tight knit communities and suicide rates were not as high! People fall out now even more as they did before, simply because of a misplaced explanation mark, forgetting an emoticon or the extra 'X' at the end of a message.

HTC One X updated to Jellybean (Android 4.1)

I yesterday got the much awaited for update to the phone software to Android 4.1.

Its just minor refinements, but now also includes "Google Now".

I havent turned that on, as its creepy for your phone to know that you are going work befoer you do... but you can still use voice with the google search box and its really good.

Without turning on Google Now, I dont know a way to get the weather to be set to celcius instead of centrigrade, but its still good. It can answer some queries in voice, for others it will bring up google search results if needed or even carry out actions.

"Is it going to rain tomorrow?" (spoken reply) "yes, the forcast for tomorrow in ... is 45 degrees with rain"

"Set alarm for 9am"

"Send message to ..."

Xperia X10 and Android 2.3

I have updated the software version on my phone to Android 2.3.3 - I was impatient and followed the guide which allowed me to get the update faster.

I have to say the new animation when the screen turns off is pretty nifty - its like those old CRT TV's when they would turn off.

I also now have the ability to use the latest apps such as iplayer and the flash plugin for the web browser.

So far so good.

Just a warning for those who wish to follow my path - the backup app with the phone when using android 2.1 does not exist when using 2.3, so make sure you use a separate one that will back up your settings.

Tech Guide: Phone-O-Rama

By Naheem Zafar

Where were you when you read about the iphone being announced? I will hazard a guess: On the internet. Or reading the paper. Or talking to a geek "mate" of yours. (Well that does just about cover the options doesn't it?)

Apparently, the iphone is not the only phone to be launched this year. Shock horror!

So in this tech guide I will have a quick look at some pretenders to the throne. They will all be high end "Smart phones". So let's see what we have here:

Nokia N93i BLACK

The cons first: It's a Nokia. Next!