Intercession on Judgement Day

Just the other day I was thinking about this and earlier today I was listening to a talk about how the Holy Prophet (SAW) will intercede for us on the Judgement. It was in urdu so I can't translate it with the exact same words and passion which touched me so here are a few ahadith about it:

The Holy Prophet(saw)the Intercessor of the Sinners said, “Allah gave me the option of
choosing between the power of intercession or having half of my Ummah admitted to
Paradise without any reckoning. I chose the power of intercession because that is more
important and will be more useful. Do you assume that my intercession is for the pious
Muslims? No, on the contrary, it is for those sinners who are steeped in sins and have
committed grave crimes."
Imam Ahmad in his Musnad from Hazrat Abdullah ibn Umar. Ibn Maja from Hazrat Abu Musa Asha'ari

The Holy Prophet(saw)the Intercessor of the Sinners said, “I shall go towards Hell and
knock at its door, so it will be opened for me. I will enter it - and praise Allah with such
praise that has never been done by anyone before me, nor shall it ever be done by anyone
after me – and shall remove from it every such person who has with a sincere heart said
‘None is worthy of worship except Allah’.
Tibrani in Majam Awsat from Hazrat Abu Hurairah

The Holy Prophet(saw)the Intercessor of the Sinners said, “Pulpits of gold will be arranged
for the Prophets and they will sit on them, and my pulpit will remain empty as I will not
sit on it – but I shall stand humbly before my Lord fearing that I may be sent into Paradise
while my Ummah remains behind me. I shall then pray, “O my Lord! My Ummah! My
Ummah!” Allah the Supreme will proclaim, “O Mohammed! What is your wish regarding
what I should do with your Ummah?” I shall submit, “O my Lord! Settle their accounts
quickly!” So I will continue to intercede until I get letters to get released those who had
already been sent to hell – to the extent that Maalik, the custodian of hell, will exclaim,
“O Mohammed! You have not left even a bit of the Lord’s wrath among your Ummah!” Hakim with sound chains and Tibrani & Baihaqi from Hazrat Abdullah ibn Abba

Just reading those ahadith makes me think Biggrin Subhan'Allah!!!!!!!!

But also Sad Cray 2 :oops:

It's embarrassing and shameful and unimaginable for me to think of this happening. Prophet Muhammad (saw), the Greatest man on earth, interceding for me. Even after I have sinned and gone away from his path. God! what a nerve, we're gna have on that day to actually ask!! Sad

Insha'Allah, I hope we can all try our best to stay on the straight path and remember who we should actually be trying to be pleasing, making happy and loving!

May Allah (swt) help us all. Ameen.



Lets reunite the ummah under one flag LA ILAHA IL ALLAH MUHAMMADUR RASULULLAH