Tehrik Taliban Pakistan's hypocrisy - it's not cricket!

This week the "Pakistani Taliban" (TTP for short) waded into a very serious issue for a second time. An issue more important than life and death for many people - Cricket.

The situation arose when the talented Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar retired and the press was pretty much unanimous that a cricketing great had retired.

Even the Pakistani press lavished him with praise and apparently this was too much for the TTP.

They decided to warn the Pakistani media against such a thing - after all, Sachin Tendulkar didn't play for Pakistan but for India! How dare the "corrupt media" lavish him with praise? this was "against the motherland" and probably treasonous.

Along with this message they also told everyone to get behind the national cricket team even though it wasn't great and was going through a dificult spell.

What they had forgot was that not only had they helped create the dificulties in Pakistani cricket by attacking a visiting team, they also had previously considered cricket anti-Islamic!

There is also the fact that here they want people to support the same "motherland" that they have been working hard to destabilise and destroy.

I would guess they are feeling unpopular and want to gain some popularity, but this is simply not cricket!