The long walk home

It was a cold daark winters night. The streets were empty and uninviting and I had to get home. The bus was late so I thought I would walk it home through the GRAVEYARD.

The graveyard was big and dark, but it was the fastest way home and I wanted a cup of hot chocolate. nice and warm.

There is no one around so this walk will be short and uneventful. Its not like there are ZOMBIES are there? the graveyard is empty. There will be nothing there that can hurt me.

Hey what's that? an open grave? so weird. why would it be open? I thought they only buried people during the day... so where the coffin? is that a ladder I can see in there? why?

"Hey you! over there" What was that? Did someone call me? who? why? the zombie's holding a light! quick I better run! over there. I will hide behind that tombstone!

Finally safe. But I need to get home. how will I do that? ok slowly... to the next grave... it has nice roses and chrysanthemums on it. Whatthatsound? ohmygod! thereissomeone here! RUUUN!!!


I figure everyone has kinda lost interest in this pursuit, but I like to finish what I start, so unless anyone objects. I'm going to try and wrap this big adventure up in about three instalments.

The three remaining guardians joined us and we held counsel. The situation stood like this, the town was taken, the wards that the guardians had quickly erected before returning here would only hold for another six hours and the zombie master? He was stronger than ever. There was another problem though and that was the demon Svartzer. He was an unknown, Fadaqi explained that he too was an inhabitant of this realm but his domain was far from that of the guardians’ own and the borders between each domain were impassable. This was because the domain borders were linked to the life force of those who inhabited them and unless the inhabitants we mortally wounded or killed the borders would hold against any attack.
Svartzer had always been a powerful malevolent spirit and annoyance to the guardians, but together, the six of them had always been able to see of any of his intrigues. This was the first time though, that he had chosen to operate on earth and the guardians didn’t like it one bit. Especially so, as they had no idea what he was planning and just how much it would affect them all.
At this point I had interrupted and demanded to know just what they were planning on doing to help the people of my town. I wasn’t too interested in the workings of angels and demons, I wanted to know how they were going to liberate the enthralled and the lay the dead. But most of all, I wanted to know where I was going to find a piano heavy enough to squish the evil out of Xianthom, when I dropped it on his head!

The guardians agreed that they needed to act to defend earth now, and worry about the consequences in their own realm later, and so they circled around me. The light disappeared, and there was a roaring sound in my ears like a cauldron boiling. The sound gradually faded away and my vision slowly came back to me. It was night; we were on a broad expanse of concrete with a very low wall in front of us. We were back on earth.

“Where exactly are we?” I asked.
“On top of the CIS building in your city.” Fadaqi replied.

I quickly realised that the low wall in front of us was the rim around the roof and I felt a sudden wave of vertigo and slumped to my knees. The woman, whose name I’d discovered was Zenka, looked down at me with concern, but I smiled and forced myself up, “Let’s move.” I said.
I checked my watch, it read 11:47 pm, and according to Zenka the wards placed around the city would break at 5:25 am. Then the zombie forces would spill out from the city and would become to strong for the guardians to deal with. I crept gingerly to the edge of the roof and looked out over the town.

The view was absolutely awesome! There was no denying that. It was also terrifying, not just because of the fear that a gust of wind would throw me over to my death, but because I could see swarms of drones walking out to the edges of the city. From my high vantage point, I could just make out where they were going. They were grouping around the major roads at the city limits. I couldn’t see anymore than that, but Havard, a broad shouldered guardian told me that they were hammering on the force field that kept them imprisoned; he also told me that their combined efforts were slowly weakening it. Yep, it was definitely terrifying. At least the plan was simple, kill the Zombie master.
My watched beeped twice, it was midnight.
“Are you ready?” Fadaqi asked.
“No, but let’s do it anyway.”
I felt Havard’s strong arms wrap around me and lift me off the rooftop, then he ran forward with me and jumped over the edge and we were both falling fast!

The ground came rushing up at us and then suddenly stopped and we were zooming forwards through the air. From the corner of my eyes, I noticed the others join us. They were also falling at first and then as wings shot from their backs, they were buffeted up a couple of meters and cruised towards us until we were in an arrow formation. Fadaqi leading, Reynaud and John behind him, Havard and me behind them with Zenka bringing up the rear.
We cruised several hundred meters over the heads of the undead and mind-dead until I caught sight of a park. It was a small graveyard and it was surrounded by hordes of zombies. This was where we would find Xianthom.

Controling several hundred thousand zombvies was hard work and whilst each new corpse raised increased the zombie master’s power, it also made it harder for him to do anything other than control them and so he was currently in coma like state whilst his mind controlled the town population, living and dead. John had discovered his location with ease and told us that he was vulnerable, lying atop a small stone edifice protected by about fifty zombies. He was the heart of the gestalt, kill him, kill the zombies.

As we circled over the graveyard I began to realise that a little cursory zombie killing would be necessary anyway before we could get close enough to the zombie master. Only Fadaqi and Reynaud had the ability to destroy him, so the rest of us had to make a little space for them.
“Wait a sec, we never actually discussed what I would do, when we got here.” I suddenly protested.
“That’s right.” Said Havard, “You’re the rabbit in the snake pit. Try not to die.” He said calmly.
“The whaaaaa!” I screamed as he suddenly let go of me and I fell through the air dive-bombing into a lonesome zombie. My momentum splattered his brains out all over the ground like dog sick and the other zombies slowly turned and saw me!
They were moving slow but that didn’t make them any less scary. I rolled to my feet and wheeled around looking for a comparatively safe spot, there wasn’t one. I could have killed Havard! Ripped his beating heart out of his chest or whatever those idiots were made of, the anger began to fill me up and I began to feel strangely confident. I was getting high on the power rush that came with being homicidally angry, and when I next focused on the crowd of zombies slowly advancing on me I no longer felt afraid. Poor, poor zombies.

Then I erupted! I charged and roared, straight into the face of the closest corpse. I grabbed the top of his scalp in one hand and rammed my fingers into his eye sockets and mouth, then scrunched my hand tightly closed and ripped it backwards! The flesh and bone of the zombie’s face was torn away and I punched straight into the exposed maw of its brain! There was a satisfying splatter of stinking gore and then the corpse fell to the ground. One down…

Gentleness and kindness were never a part of anything except that it made it beautiful, and harshness was never a part of anything except that it made it ugly.

Through cheating, stealing, and lying, one may get required results but finally one becomes

Dawud wrote:
I figure everyone has kinda lost interest in this pursuit, but I like to finish what I start, so unless anyone objects. I'm going to try and wrap this big adventure up in about three instalments.

No problems - go for it. It has taken on a life of its own.

"For too long, we have been a passively tolerant society, saying to our citizens 'as long as you obey the law, we will leave you alone'" - David Cameron, UK Prime Minister. 13 May 2015.

Yay, go for it Dawud. I will enjoy reading it.


Part 2 (sorry people, there's plenty of action but it all went a bit 'stiff' and zombie like in the narrative.):

One down, and about a hundred more to go. The killing rage was on me and I don’t remember much of what took place but when I came to my senses, the whole graveyard was covered in disgusting lumps of dead flesh and my nostrils were filled with an evil stench. I gagged and spat without realising I was doing it and bits of decaying bone and flesh flew from my mouth. Eeewww Zombie flesh! I puked all over the floor then scraped as much of the gore as I could from my clothes.
Looking around, I saw that there were no more zombies. My watch beeped twice and I realised it was 1am.

I saw the guardians gathered together in a bunch in the middle of the park and slumped over to where they were. They were standing in a circle around a stone slab, on top of which was the zombie master, Xianthom. Fadaqi had his hands on the zombie master’s forehead and had his own eyes closed, his brow furrowed in concentration. Reynaud stood close to him and also had his eyes closed. The others were silent. As I approached them I realised that Zenka, John and Havard were also covered in zombie filth, they must have been fighting too. Zenka saw me approach and turned to me and smiled, “You lived up to your name, Vampire slayer.”

It took me a second to realise what she meant, and all I could do was blink, “You honestly thought I was a vampire slayer?” I shouted.
“You’re not?” She asked, clearly confused, “Then why did you say you were?”
Instead of answering her question, I fired another at her, “And what the hell happened to me back there. I went berserk and just wasted all those zombies. There must have been a hundred of them and I just…took them apart!”
“I know that was very impressive for a human.”
“Yeah, but how did I do it? I know what I’m capable of and by rights I should be dead!”
“It seems that by having manifested in our world, you have some how become linked to us and taken on some of our power.” She answered.

There was a brief silence and then Havard screamed as he was knocked backwards through the air! In his place stood a tall shadowy figure wrapped in a flowing shroud of darkness which obscured all his features except for his face. He had no face.
“Svartzer.” John said.
“Keep him back we need more time!” Reynaud shouted.
John swung at the demon but his fist passed straight through as if he was made of air. Zenka closed her eyes for a moment and then opened them and took a blow at the demon. Her fist flew towards the demon glowing like a shooting star and thudded into his face. He staggered back and snarled in rage. Then John hit him, his fist also glowing and this time his strike connected with the demon’s body and tossed him to the ground. Havard was back and leapt into the fray, the three of them fighting desperately to keep Svartzer restrained.
I looked back to Fadaqi and Reynaud to see how they were doing and gasped.

Sweat dripped from Reynaud’s forehead and he was breathing heavily. Around his arm were the ravenous jaws of a festering zombie and there was another gnawing at his neck! Despite his pain though, Reynaud wasn’t moving a muscle, he was concentrating on feeding his power into Fadaqi. I rushed forward and jumped onto the stone slab, from there I leapt at the zombie eating Reynaud’s neck and the two of us fell to the grass. I rolled on to its chest and started pounding its face in. After several minutes, it stopped struggling. I shot to my feet to take down the other zombie but froze, mortified by what I saw!
Reynaud was slumped over the stone slab, dead. I was in shock and couldn’t take my eyes away from his body. But somehow in my stupor, the noisy slurping sound of an animal eating reached me. I turned towards it in disbelief and saw the zombie who had killed Reynaud now chewing on Fadaqi. Something inside me snapped and I fell on the zombie like wrath from the heavens and mercilessly destroyed it.
My fists were mashing its pulpy remains into the ground when I heard Zenka scream. I looked up in time to see a ball of fire engulf her head and then spread to the rest of her body. She ran about shrieking in agony before falling limply to the ground, the flames still burning fiercely!
Svartzer, meanwhile, ran past her and leapt at Fadaqi. The demon soared over the stone slab and was about to connect with the guardian when I intercepted him. I slammed into him and wrapped my arms around his waist, dragging him down. He struggled for a moment as my hands tore off his shroud but the demon was like a phantom made only of smoke. He quickly stopped struggling and laughed as my hands went straight through his body. Then sat up and walked through me as if I wasn’t there. He strode calmly towards Fadaqi and fear gripped my heart, it was all I could do not to look away.
Suddenly Fadaqi raised his hands above his head and roared, and then swung them down powerfully into Xianthom’s head! A deafening boom rent the air and the stone slab exploded into a million shards! The zombie master’s body spasmed and fell into the rubble and very slowly his flesh became grey and ashen. Finally all that was left of him was a pile of dust which blew away in the wind.

Fadaqi looked up from the vanquished zombie master and fixed his stare upon Svartzer, his eyes were blazing. The demon shrieked in panic and turned to run but Fadaqi quickly raised his arm and made a gripping gesture with his hand. The effect was immediate; Svartzer stumbled and began to grasp violently at his chest as though it was burning. His feet left the ground and his body turned in the air against its volition so that he was now facing Fadaqi and then he dropped to the ground and began wheezing painfully.
The combined strength of Fadaqi and Reynaud’s power was more than the demon could bare but Fadaqi did not let up the pressure and instead took a step towards him. He twitched his hand upwards and the demon was jerked to his feet like a string puppet, Fadaqi raised his other hand and swiped it lightning fast at the demon’s head!
The hand passed through the smoky lump of his head, but tendrils of the stuff clung to Fadaqi’s fingers like black syrup. The demon screamed long and loud and then began to melt into a dark mess. The glossy tar-coloured puddle slowly lost its black taint and began to turn clear before disappearing altogether.

“It is done.” Said Fadaqi, and then fell face forwards onto the grass, exhausted.

Gentleness and kindness were never a part of anything except that it made it beautiful, and harshness was never a part of anything except that it made it ugly.

Through cheating, stealing, and lying, one may get required results but finally one becomes


Okay, friends. This is the denoument, the final part of the story and I gotta tell ya, having just read it I feel kind of sad like when somethimng epic has come to an end. 'You' congratulated everyone on a magnificent job, and I'd like to say that too. Well done guys, you all rock! You ALL took it somewhere new.

I watched in amazement as Fadaqi destroyed first the zombie-master and then the demon, Svartzer. My jubilation was short lived though as I saw Fadaqi fall to the ground, spent of all his power.
I ran to him, heart hammering, and rolled him onto his back, “Come here, he need’s help!” I shouted to the others. Havard walked painfully over and knelt besides Fadaqi’s body. He placed his hand over Fadaqi’s heart and closed his eyes for a few moments. He said nothing at first, but then a smile slowly spread across his face and he announced, “He’s weak, but he’s going to live.”
Havard then opened his eyes and looked round, surveying the devastation. The grass around us was scorched and covered in shards of granite. John and Fadaqi were lying on the ground incapacitated and, as I looked more carefully, I noticed that Reynaud’s and Zenka’s corpses were missing. I looked to Havard for an explanation and he told me that this was something entirely normal. When the beings of their world died in this one, their forms disappeared from this realm and their energy travelled through the most expedient channels to their own world.

The coolness of his demeanour shocked me and I wondered aloud how he could be so callous about the death of two of his companions. He opened his mouth to answer, but a chuckle cut him short.

Fadaqi was laughing! I looked down at his weary face and saw that it was light with mirth and relief. His eyes had a twinkle in them and as he slowly levered himself up he explained, “The most expedient means of energy dispersal for Svartzer were directly into our world. He is no more. His energy is recycled into the energy matrix of our native realm. However that is not the case for Reynaud and Zenka.
“You see, the five of us were linked to each other, not just as a team but in our existence. I suppose you might call it a family. Anyway, Zenka’s energy and Reynaud’s could not travel back to our realm so easily; their channel was through me, John and Havard. They are not yet dead.”
“What? Then where are they?” I asked incredulously.
“Inside of us,” Fadaqi replied. “You see, when Svartzer destroyed Zenka and the zombie took Reynaud, their energies passed into myself and through me they would have passed into John and Havard also. However I collected them inside of myself and held them their by force of my will and thus increased my own powers manifold. This was how I was finally able to destroy the Zombie master and Svartzer.
“As long as one of us is alive, the others live on in us. And, it would appear, in you too.”

The three of them left soon afterwards.
The zombies, it turned out, had collapsed without Xianthom animating them and the townspeople had resurfaced from their enthralled stupors.
It was a strange day they woke up on, and a lot of waste containment was needed to make the city look right. But at least they had survived the darkest night of their lives.
And me? Well I missed the guardians a hell of a lot but they weren’t completely gone. Let’s just say that Fadaqi and Zenka had been right about their energies becoming linked with me.
See, that night anger had caused those energies to manifest themselves as insane, zombie-slaying powers. But in its aftermath, those powers hadn’t left, instead during my parkour hours they had slowly begun to resurface. Jumps became higher, leaps became longer, and I generally started to become more of a ‘high-flyer.’ Which was pretty cool.
So now things are back to the way they used to be. No demons, no zombie masters, no undead intrigue. Everything is completely normal again.
Except for at night…when I’m cruising around…with huge, white wings!

The End

Gentleness and kindness were never a part of anything except that it made it beautiful, and harshness was never a part of anything except that it made it ugly.

Through cheating, stealing, and lying, one may get required results but finally one becomes


Thanks for finishing it Dawud.

You've got good writing skill.

Keep it up.