Is ASDA milk Halaal or Haraam? (and the dangers of Gossip)

Glass of milk with cookies & candles

Glass of milk with cookies & candles
Glass of milk with cookies & candles

A few weeks ago I got shown a message which suggested that ASDA added animal based preservatives to its milk which would render it unsuitable for Muslims.

At first I considered it a hoax and then I promptly forgot about it as the local shop is way more convenient to getting milk.

Until today.

So I did a quick google of it all and came across . Conclusion: it is Halal.

But unlike previous events if disinformation, it also stated that ASDA had posted an unhelpful message in Social Media which had suggested this, but the actual producers of of the milk had confirmed that there were no animal based fat or other products added to the milk, along with a confirmation from ASDA of the same.

But this also leaves open the question of rumour mongering in our community. This is not the first time that such rumours have spread like wildfire, and while this time there was some smoke (a dodgy tweet reccomending one of hunders of other milk based products as an alternative), often there isnt and we all harm our community by passing these messages along without confirmation.

When you recieve such news or gossip, it is actually wrong from a religious perspective to pass it on without investigation and confirmation of its accuracy.