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I Am a Mug!

I was in the kitchen at work today, and went to the cupboard to get a mug for my tea. I started to take one of the cups but then realised it said 'I love Israel' on the side. I quickly whipped my hand away as if the cup was on fire!

Why would I do this? Did I think that by using this mug I was somehow letting down my brothers and sisters in Palestine? And even if this was the case, why was I so scared to even touch the cup for a second? Would I get contaminated by Zionism?

I was slightly distgusted by myself for being so anti-Semitic, and then had a cup of tea with NO SUGAR to punish myself (in an Arsenal FC mug).

Charity Begins at (my Future) Home

I recently met up with one of my oldest and dearest friends for coffee. The conversation often comes to Islam, because he was very upset and angry with me when he first found out I converted to Islam.

Anyway, the talk turned to charity, and I was recounting tales of some of my Muslim friends who are, masha'Allah, [b]extremely[/b] generous with their money. I was explaining to him how important kindness and giving is in Islam, because we believe that everything we give in this life will be repaid to us, many times over, in the next life.

Streets are on Fire

The virus is spreading in all directions,
No safe zone, no cure and no protection,
No symptoms to find or signs of an infection,
No vaccines, remedies and no corrections,

Quarantine the dreams and cut off our connections,
Don't let them in, not a friend nor a reflection,
Everybody's got it and want you to have it next and
Don't accept them if you wanna stay as an exception,
No pill
Can heal
The ill of this
Sickness, some are still in doubt of it's existence,
Some call it forgiveness and some call it the vengeance,
Some say it's an exit and some say it's an entrance.

The poor say the rich have the cure,
The rich say the poor are the source,
Revolutionaries say it's psychological war,
Invented by the press; just to have something to report,