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Mum & Muslim e-mag

Alhamdulillah the second issue of Mum & Muslim is out now. There are quite a lot of articles on issues related to pregnancy, birth, children, parenting, education, creativity. The e-mag also does reviews of books, products and venues. There is also a forum which is very young indeed. Do have a look insha-Allah and let us know your opinion. We need writers insha-Allah.

Salam from Umm Imran

Assalaum alaikum everyone,

Alhamdulillah I just joined the forum. I have been reading the magazine for couple of years but never tried the website. I first came across the magazine at university. Mashallah the revival team is doing a great job. Keep it up Insha-Allah.

It is very important to deal with youth related issues as they are our future. Unfortunately the first generation of Muslims did not engage that much in intellectual arena as they were more busy in their work. But there is no excuse for us not to get involved insha-Allah. Alhamdulillah Muslims are getting more educated and professional. We are also getting more serious about knowing our faith properly. Good luck brothers and sisters! May Allah swt reward you all with the best!