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Fear and Hope

I was listening to a talk by Sheikh Omar Suleiman titled 'purification of the soul' in which he quoted the hadith:

"In every day and every night, during the month of Ramadan, there are people to whom Allah grants freedom from the Fire, and there is for every Muslim a supplication which he can make and will be granted". [al-Bazzaar, Ahmad and Ibn Majah; Sahih]

and this in turn reminded me of surah al fatiha where Allah says he is 'The Beneficent, the Merciful'.

David & Wilson

David and Wilson were lost in desert...they were dying of thirst when
they came upon an oasis, and there was a Mosque.

David to Wilson:
"Look there is a mosque, lets pretend we are muslims, otherwise we'll
not get any food or water...I am going to call myself 'Ahmad". Willson
refused to change his name and said:
"my name is Wilson and i will never pretend to be other than what I am!"
The Imam of mosque recieved both well and asked their names...

i am Ahmad

I am Wilson

Imam turned to his helpers and said:
"bring some food for Willson only"

In rememberance of Gaza..

As Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullaah,

inshaAllah you are well, in the best of health and emaan.

A poem someone sent me just thought i'd share it here.

Somedays my heart weeps..
Somedays it is so strong, and even in the best of health it tends to grieve..
My soul leaps at any chance to succeed..
Even then I become oppressed with worldly greed..
My mind can be frail but can also be the master of pain..
But no matter what, whenever I fell, it gave me the space to be restrained..
I got hurt, but I trusted Allah in the fear,
I was blind but believed in Allah, in time will make it all clear..
I fell, but trust in Allah till hope comes near..
They came and took my home, hurt my family and left me to cry..

''you know you're part paki when...''

ok first of all this is not meant to be offensive to anyone and shouldn't be taken seriously, just for abit of fun Smile

ok, You Know Your Part Paki When :

1)You have an endless supply of dhal, dates, figs, and salan, and gosht.

2)Your refer to your dad's friends as, "uncle".

3)Your Armani pants don't fit you, but you wear them anyways.

4)You own a fake Rolex, Omega, or TAG.

5)You order hot tea any place you can

6)Your wardrobe consists of either black, black, and more black or white, white and more white.

7)You have a houka as a centerpiece in your living room.

8)you have endless relatives living on the same road as you do ...or 5 minutes away

As 2009 comes to an end a new year approaches '2010' :)

As 2009 comes to an end the new year of 2010 approaches and a new decade. The lasy year im sure for everyone had brought changes some for the better and some not so good but may Allah grant us all happiness and success in the new year of 2010 and indeed always.ameen.

the year of 2009 brought changes for me in more way than one. one progressing onto university, something which made my parents very happy lol 'their first child goes to uni', parents...may Allah have mercy upon them and give them happiness.mother and father most important people in my life and iA i will try harder not to forget << new years resolution ...maybe lol