Story Time- The Winter of 1994

And the not-so-anticipated sequel of '', the story continues from where we left off last time. Enjoy

"The Summer Of 1994" was mostly about my night life and nightmares. This story gives a little background on me and things that happened to me during the "waking" hours. If you have read "Summer of '94" you know a little about what I dreamed about and things of that nature.

I grew up in a very, very, very religious home. I grew up with an understanding of God and the teachings of the prophets.

I also realized and knew that there was a dark side to life as well.

I always liked to tell scary stories, and I used to write them all the time. At sleepovers, I was the centre of attention. I knew how to scare people.

During the beginning of the year 1994, I was unhappy with the way my life was. I had just fallen out of a horrible relationship which isolated me from my entire group of friends. I became "an outsider." One night as I sat in bed, I wondered to myself,
"What would it be like on the other side?"
What would it be like to be bad....
to be evil?
Hmmm... So I told myself that from that moment on I was going to turn my life around for the worst...

That very night, as I was staring at the ceiling in my room, I felt my room get very cold. All of a sudden, I felt a huge weight as if someone were pushing me.
Then I smiled, and knew my resolution was heard.

Over the next few months I dreamed dreams and had experiences that I have written about already. The summer started and the darkness began to manifest itself to me in ways I could not imagine.

As summer and fall ended, I started a new job. On my way to work, I had to cross a busy street. As I ran across two lanes of speeding traffic, there I stood in the middle of the street waiting to cross. Suddenly, I heard a loud screeching and spun to see my approaching death. There wasn't anything there, but I did hear something else. I heard a loud, angry voice yell
"This is where you die..."

A couple of days later, I was asked to get a table from a house across that same street mentioned earlier. I knew there was a history to this house that was not pleasant. After all, I had cleaned it out with some other people. We found that the people living there, before they were evicted by my boss, had painted the walls black and sealed up the windows. We also found medical tables in one of the rooms.

This house became known as Purgatory.

It was about eight o'clock at night when I crossed the street. As I walked up to the front door of the house, I peered into the window on the door to see if I could see anything.

All I saw was darkness.

I must explain, the darkness of which I speak, is darker than a normal house without lights on.
There was something in there and I knew it.
I felt it.

Upon entering the house, I ran from room to room turning on all the lights. It was only then that I realized that the table that my boss wanted me to get was downstairs.

Downstairs was where The Silence of the Lambs Room was. That was the room that had a bed and the medical tables in it. There was also a mirror on the ceiling. Sadly enough, the only working light in the basement was in there too. As I opened the basement door, I peered in to the mouth of hell intself. The light from the upstairs stopped halfway down as if it hit a wall.

Slowly I walked down the stairs, creeking every last one of them. As soon as my feet hit the cement floor I ran to the room.


On came the light and I was surrounded by shadows of Purgatory I stood planted in one place and looked for the table. Then I turned toward the corner of the basement and saw it. There was the table, but there was something else there too.

There, on top of the table, stood an image of a man. I was paralyzed with fear until I heard,

"I've been waiting."

I don't think that light travels as fast as I did out of that place. I bolted for my workplace. As I entered the entryway, one of the cashiers asked if I was okay. She also said that I was pale white and looked as if I had seen the Devil.
Who knows?
My boss informed me that I had failed to turn off the lights. I pleaded with him to not make me go over. He stated that he was helping a customer and I needed to go back. Right then I threw up all over the floor and demanded that someone else go over. I did not care if I lost my job, I was not going back there.

That night I had a nightmare that will forever haunt me. I dreamed I was at home and my Mom asked if I would get something for her out of the basement. I walked down the stairs, but instead of the tan carpet that should have been there, all I saw was cement. I spun around to run up the stairs to see my Mom close the door.

There I was, back in Purgatory. I slowly turned and saw the tall shadow I had seen earlier.

Then came the voice...
"I am dissapointed in you, you are getting what you asked for."

I yelled back that I had not asked for any of this. To this the shadow started to shake so violently that the room too shook.

Then, in the most horrific voice, it shrieked,
"It is exactly what you asked for, and if it kills you, you will get it. It is ongoing process my boy....and it has just started."

These are some of the things that happened to me during the Winter of 1994. Yes, the nightmare was right.
It was an ongoing process...
And it had just begun.


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