Rabbiul Awwal Mubarak :)

"No eye has beheld anyone more handsome than you
No mother has given birth to anyone more exalted than you
You have been created without any blemish
As if the Creator has created you according to your wishes."

-Hassan Ibn Thabit (RA)


-Extract from the Qasidah Burdah

How noble are the physical qualities of Nabi sallallahu alayhi wasalam adorned with good character.

(Who) was vested with beauty and distinguished by pleasant temperament.

(He) is like a blooming flower in its freshness and the full moon in splendour.

And the ocean in generosity and time in its fearless courage.

Even when alone, it appears due to his grandeur.

As though (he is) in the midst of a large army and its retinue.

It is like pearls well preserved in oysters.

From the two mines, of his speech and his smiles.

No perfume equals the dust (earth) which is touching his (Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasalam’s mubarak) body.

Glad tidings be to the person who smells it (the dust) and kisses it.