Blind belief has nothing to offer clear-sighted government

From a blog that I follow, now and again he comes out with an essay well worthy of being seen by a wider audience. This I believe is one of those, I have Reblogged it in full, it has some hard hitting, but I believe fair comments.


THE SATURDAY ESSAY: blind belief has nothing to offer clear-sighted government

mesmile2 The currently insoluble difficulty of writing something honest, factual and balanced on the subjects of multiculturalism, religious, gender and sexual tolerance or Brexit at the moment is roughly as follows. One attracts vapid disapproval on the one hand, and the approval of the rabid on the other. Both are deadly enemies of the society at ease with itself. The United Kingdom desperately needs a frank reexamination of the balance between factual reality and fanciful doctrine. The only way I can see this happening is via the peaceful demolition of ‘Whiteminster’ by a movement with its roots firmly established in the rich soil of reasonable, thoughtful and open-minded citizens.


For a nation that thinks of itself as made from stern stuff, our willingness to let anyone stand on the collective British windpipe is quite something to observe at the moment. Three and a half million female State pensioners ordered to wait six years for the pension they were promised, and everyone nancies about for eight years saying oooh isn’t it terrible but we mustn’t get too gobby about it because that would be bad for our cause and anyway we’ve got our new Legal expert Micky Mansfield now, so that’ll fix it.

Meanwhile, 3.4 million promises broken over five years is suddenly pushed into the background by 68 immigrants unjustly treated over fifty years….with the entire nation going into an overdrive of shame and apology.

Any differently gifted kneejerker minded to see this as a racist observation on my part, please try not applying the medical hammer to your knee for a minute, and use the left half of your head – as opposed to the Left ventricle of your capricious heart. This is about equality before the Law, not race. Only racial activists in either the BNP or the Labour Party will judge it otherwise.

To date, none of David Lammy, Jess Phillips, Diane Abbot, John McDonnell, Margaret Becket or Jeremy Corbyn has made the Waspi/2020 injustice a plank of Labour policy in terms of even an offer, let alone full restitution of their civil rights. Real, respected justice seekers like Mhairi Black, Denis Skinner and Frank Field have done so – because all three put opposition to rank injustice before ideology and votes.

Votes is the key word here, and it’s the way Corbynista-to-Watson Labour thinks. Immigrants concentrated into ghetto constituencies (sometimes, I freely accept, by poverty and prejudice) are key to political control of Britain’s urban centres. And so it is taken as read by Westminter that honkey’s job in all circumstances is to back off, say sorry and issue a grovelling show-trial level of public apology.

The political class, in truth, is not adopting a genuinely empathetic approach to our ethnic and cultural minorities; it is using them. And like every cynic who hopes to play with that which he does not understand, every one of them is a sorcerer’s apprentice juggling radioactive isotopes.


The borderline insane reaction this week to Amber Rudd calling Diane Abbott “a coloured woman” (in the context of defending her) was something so puerile and posed, even I – after decades of observing gender, race and sexuality’s syntactical fashions – found myself slack-jawed in shock at just how craven the British élites have become.

We of the male straight Caucasian demographic have tiptoed with care into and out of the broken-glass-sprayed minefields of Ms, Chair, spokesperson, negro, black, Islamic, Islamist, coloured, nigger, BAME, LGBT, queer, homo, bent and gay since the 1960s. But nowadays, even the wry smile and unending tolerance of my community (by which I mean those who are for commonsense tolerance, equality of opportunity and personal responsibility) is wearing thin. We are beginning to think, “These people are taking the piss”.

Maybe rather than just thinking it, we should start saying it….and ignore those who would endanger the very honesty of proper civilised society in their eagerness to continue down the path of appeasement. For appeasement has (wake up here folks) delivered little beyond Jihadism, grooming gangs and hyper-growing knife crime……alongside little or no respect for our indigenous cultural values.

Gosh, there I go again, using a naughty word. Indigenous. How very dare I stray into “Nazi eugenics”? Goodness knows – I must be bad person: a scumbigotracisthardrightfascist at least.

So let me define indigenous. It has three-fifths of a scintilla of nothingness to do with eugenic science. It is, quite simply, that noun describing mores and social intercourse that distinguish the culture of one nationality from another based on the host population. Naturally, I recognise that nationality is another dirty word, because obviously it leads to nationalism, xenophobia and war. Of course. Stanz ter reason, dunnit?

These days, I live on mainland Europe. Let me tell you here and now that there is no way the French, Italians, Spaniards, Portuguese, Austrians, Swiss or Germans would react in the way the British media, politicians and social media twatterati have to the use by Amber Rudd of the words “coloured woman”….as opposed to “woman of colour”. Diane Abbott’s prickly pear of an ego would’ve been ignored in favour of, “Oh per-leeeze”.

This is the same Diane Abbott, by the way, who not that many years ago said in an interview, “All white people play divide and rule”. Not some, or a few or a small minority – but all. Her steadfast comrade in the race war David Lammy weighed in yesterday to call Rudd’s description “a grave mistake”. Last week he recommended a black comedienne on social media. The clip recorded an obscene riff about white charities working in Africa – a routine that referred throughout to “white people”….and “what they don’t understand about Africa”. Had it been performed by a white man effing and blinding through a set about “what black people don’t understand about Britain”, the UK police would’ve censored it without a moment’s reflection.

What is it about Leftlib Britain that cannot grasp the bigoted hypocrisy of all this? My own answer to that would be “groupthink ideology”. What is it about political Britain that it simply cannot resist the auto-grovel in the face of fascist PC? My answer there would be, again, “votes”. What is it about the British media that ensures not a single high-profile commentator has called out these double standards for what they are? And this time, my answer would be “sales, lust for power and acquiescence”.

So then, what drives Cool Britannia is ideology, herd instinct, votes, money, power and conformity. 

What on Earth could kill democratic compassion in that fuel mix?


As we’re already in knee-deep waters here, let’s venture a little deeper. What the Hell – in for a penny, in for a Pound.

Why is it that the Chinese, Irish, Indian and Jewish immigrants sprinkled throughout the British population have a tiny share of media voice on the whole compared to Islamics and negroes? OK fine, artificial flavour of the month right now is anti-Semitism in the Labour Party. But the Jews as a whole don’t actively self-identify as Jewish in a media-politics sense…and many Jewish leaders in the UK are anti-Zionist. (Also, I would be in dereliction of my duty if I didn’t point out the obvious political opportunism of the Tory Party in stirring the pot on Corbyn’s record of preference for Arabs over Jews).

There are no organisations in Britain called Chinese lives Matter, Sing if you’re glad to be Irish, Judaism is the Religion of Peace or We Must Sikh to behead Democracy.

There are several obvious reasons for that:

•Those minorities do not want to either knock or hijack British culture

•They accept ‘When in Rome do as the Romans do’ as a premise

•They want only equal treatment, not kid-glove privilege

•They do not need laws to survive and prosper in Britain

•They ask only equality of opportunity, not “affirmative action”

•They have no ulterior motives to hide

•Their lives are about facts, not fantasies

•They sign up to democratic freedom of speech.

What wouldn’t we all give for a British nation where they were a 95% majority, as opposed to a 14.6% minority?


Time perhaps for an examination of the extent to which The White Folks share the entirely reasonable requirements listed above. Those with a morbid fear of reality should look away now.

Happily – and I use that word without any trace of irony – what the Sovereign Brexit betrayal has alerted far more people to, in the time since June 2016, is that a good 45-50% of the indigenous (as in privileged white) population of the United Kingdom profess to share the love of freethinking democracy, but obviously don’t.

I return yet again to an early lesson learned as a trainee market researcher: “Harken not only unto what they say, but monitor their behaviour as well, as otherwise verily shalt thou make a complete prick of thyself”.

Jess Phillips, Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson do not believe in free speech. They have hounded Tommy Robinson off social media, and now the police have decided to renew their campaign of harassment against him. Why now? Because the guy is attracting mass support. It is a directly political act in the classic Marxist sense designed to shut up an opponent. I put this up again as a further reminder:


You can’t have ‘free-ish’ speech. You either have it or you don’t.

Equally, Dominic Grieve, Chukka Umanna, Philip Hammond, Theresa May, Ann Soubry – oh let’s stop mucking about, 77% of MPs – do not believe in any form of sovereign granted direct democracy, because they have been actively conniving, plotting, generally poking about in dark corners and trying to abort the Brexit foetus for the last 33 months. And here’s (for me) the most constitutionally vandalising fact in the entire mix: the Speaker of the Commons is one of them.

On the subject of facts, they may be sacred, but so determined are the progressive cadres to wipe out what they see as sacrilege, facts are routinely ignored – or countered with lateral changes of subject that may gain audience applause on BBCQT…but bear no relevance to the point being made.

From yesterday on Sky – a Labour MP:

Anchor: But Leave won by a clear majority

MP: A tiny majority…

Anchor: Five million people, actually. 

MP: That’s why we need votes at sixteen…because it’s their future too.

Right. It’s my pet rabbit’s future too. He died last Autumn, but listen – I know how he would’ve voted.

This was the same MP’s rationale for staying in the EU:

“I think most people in Britain wish Brexit would just go away and we could go back to where we were before the Referendum….we need as many refugees in Britain as we can get, in order to create the open, inclusive and diverse society we all want….very few Leave voters knew what they were voting for….and they were lied to by the Leave camp…”

Let’s apply some facts to the deconstruction of that astonishing expression of spoilt, ignorant only-child opinion. (1) The stats show that very few Brits have changed their mind since the referendum (2) they wish Brexit would just happen, not go away (3) the Home Office and the Calais authorities are as one in their view that the vast majority of migrants trying to get into Britain are not refugees (4) either way, it would be good to know if they could make an economic contribution beyond wanting to come here (5) no facts were offered as evidence of why diversity is a positive in all cases and Diablo “we all want” as a phrase is clearly rubbish (7) I doubt if this MP is a qualified en masse mind reader and (8) both sides lied during the Vote, which is absolutely normal for every “democratic” election ever held in Western history: the Remainers lied for Europe and the Leavers lied for England….the only issue here is the relative scale involved.

What do they want us to do – declare every election since 1620 null and void?

The lady I’m talking about here is an elected representative of The People. She lacks eyesight, insight, foresight and hindsight – ie, she has the Full Set of disabilities required for any DWP claimant, and – even under this heartless Tory régime – would I’m sure sail through to a life of ease if she applied for relief. But she doesn’t need to do that, because she wound up with something even more “rewarding”…..purely by standing for Parliament in a Labour stronghold where all males were excluded from the candidate shortlist. Um, inclusive?


Allow me in conclusion to draw all this together. Britain is divided and hindered by doctrinaire narcissists addicted to spurious dogma who have, in one form or another, infiltrated both the two main Westminster Parties. Those Parties are beholden to extra-Parliamentary forces determined to have their discredited ideologies triumph on the basis of Might is Right.

They are winning the battle for minds thanks to the politicisation of the media, educators and senior police officers, a determination by Westminster to cling onto indirect 18th century democracy, and the increasing power of self-interested, unaccountable Whitehall mandarins to frustrate the clearly-expressed will of the electorate.

None of them represent any genuine democratic choice in favour of the greatest fulfilment of the greatest number of decent citizens.

Your freedom to think, feel and say what you like is threatened by this tiny élite. Your right to make your vote mean something is being attacked head-on by fascists of every hue. The information you receive is being manipulated by those who want to kill internet equality and free access to its social media.

The goal of all these Hobgoblins is to look down on you with impunity – and to demand that you look up to them. Or else.

I believe more firmly than ever that only organised, intelligent tactical voting can begin the process of reversing our slide into totalitarian autocracy thinly disguised as “lobbied” indirect democracy.

The Brexit betrayal is a lesson to be learned – not a defeat to evoke pointless violent anger.

Think, plan, organise….and above all, cast off the past. Step outside the stockade of habitual loyalty, and vote instead for accountable business, self-determination, a fair crack of the whip for every deserving citizen, and the eradication of delusional authoritarian politics.