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Survey: Extent to which Religion and/or Belief Systems Influence a Woman's View on Abortion

Hi everyone and Asalaamu Alaikum.

I've created a survey for a project I'm doing and would really appreciate it if you could take some time out to fill it in. The aim of the survey is to explore the extent to which religion and/or belief systems influence a woman’s view on abortion.

It should take approximately 15-30 minutes to complete and is designed for females aged 16 or over. All the information you provide will be treated with confidentiality. Please be honest and answer to the best of your ability. If at any stage, you feel uncomfortable and wish to stop answering any of the questions then you are free to do so.

The laptop in my lap.

I'm using the laptop in my lap fully aware that there is a very high possibility it might just explode and catch fire.

A while ago, I realised that when i plugged the laptop charger into my laptop it wouldn't charge and that I needed to position it perfectly for it to work.

There was also a time when I tried pulling the charger out and screamed OUCH because of how hot it had become. I had to use my sleeve to pull it out because I thought I would burn my fingers.

I've even had occassions when I pull out the plug from the extension lead and I can see some sparks, but I just pretend that I'm seeing things and continue with what i'm doing.

The Botfly in my Head

I dare you, double dare you, triple dare you to watch this entire clip without:

- Covering your mouth

- Screaming your head off

Shouting ewh, Hummus this is yuck!

- Closing your eyes

- Opening a new tab

If you survive, I would love to know.


A Promise is a Promise

UN Secretary-General's Campaign UNiTE to End Violence against Women


Do you think this is possible, realistically? If a country agrees to accept domestic violence as a crime, how will they enforce this law and ensure that it doesn't happen? How will they encourage those who are sworn into secrecy to speak out?

Faith schools and Indoctrination

Professor Michael Hand, Philosopher of Education from the University of Birmingham came to visit us. After introducing himself and explaining what his job entails, he asked us whether we thought faith schools should be abolished. Towards the end, he asked us "Do you think faith state schools should be abolished on the grounds that they indoctrinate pupils?"

Though I had though he wouldn't be biased and would give us a balanced argument, I soon came to find out that the perspective he was advocating was that faith schools should be abolished on such grounds. I didn't get the wrong end of the stick, I clearly haven't.

Shaken martini not stirred, why?

For many of you who are out of the Education system, many schools, sxith forms and colleges have began to use the term "home learning" rather than "homework" in an attempt to help students understand that additional work which is set is not for the teacher (which homework might suggest) but rather for the student's developement (as home learning is supposed to suggest).

Last Chemistry lesson, I was set a very bizarre peice of home learning. I was given a question; "Why does James Bond prefer his martini to be shaken, not stirred?" We are currently studying an enormous chapter about compounds containing the carbonyl group and have just completed a section on reactions with aldehydes and ketones. This information may be somewhat relevant to the answer.

*Disturbing* Harassment and interrogation at Ben Gurion airport

I wasn't sure whether I should make this into a blog or a forum post, mainly because I haven't differentiated between the two entirely but also because blogs seem a little bit more personal. I use them for things that affect me or have affected me in some way or another and I use forums for news related items. 

Before you proceed if you are a little child, then perhaps you shouldn't read this. Come back here when you grow up and mature a little and understand that the most cruelest of things do happen. They are real. They're usually unheard of until someone brave speaks up and speaks of their stories.

Eating dogs? Really?!

It seems that some Syrian clerics have issued a Fatwa allowing people living in besieged suburbs of Damascus to eat meat that is normally forbidden. So now, they may eat cats, dogs and donkeys to starve off hunger.

It's so heartbreaking to hear and shakes my insides to know that this is what is happening to our brothers and sisters half way across the world. The clerics add, that if the situation continues to deteriorate, the living would have to eat the dead.

Ya Allah, help these people, ease their suffering and make them amongst those who enter Jannah. O Allah they are in urgent need of Your Mercies, so send upon them Your Mercies, O Most Merciful. Ameen, thumma Ameen.

I ask you to make a special prayer for Syria tonight. A sincere dua.