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The leap from 3 to 112.

Water. Its so pure and clean and it occupies about 60% of every one of us. I've always been told that i'm supposed to be drinking about 8 glasses of water a day.

As i was looking around, i happened to read a few sentences which said that men should be having about 13 cups of beverages a day, and women should be having a total of 9 cups of beverages a day.

Apparently, this 'idea of having 8 cups a day' isn't supported by hard evidence but it remains 'popular' because its easy to remember.

Now for someone like me, who drinks about 3 cups a fortnight, how will i ever get to 9 x 14 = 126 cups. Okay, i think i should make it much easier for myself... how will i ever get to 8 x 14 = 112 cups of water in two weeks?!

The cat and dog that are supposed to be teaching me how to write a discussion in an essay.

Revising and thinking of exams being around the corner can get extremely gloomy, tiring and boring, so while i was looking through handouts for Psychology, i came across this and it just made me laugh.

How do you write a discussion in an essay?

A discussion is a sort of argument. The key feature of a discussion is that at least two different points of view are represented. In a good discussion, each side makes its points clearly, and offers evidence to support its views. Here is an example:

Cat: Cats are brilliant. They are intelligent pets and very loving to their owners. Everyone should have a cat.

The things we can't recover in life...

There are some things that you cannot recover in life:

1) The stone after it's thrown.

2) The word after it's said. 

3) The occassion after it's missed.

4) The time after it's gone.

5) A person after they've passed away.

Whatever you have will perish, but what you send forward is stored in the treasures of Allah. We make a living by what we have, but we make a life by what we give. 

- Shaykh Zahir Mahmood.