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My friend came to my house for lunch and stayed longer than the other friends, my mother bonded with him excellently and stated there and then as he left that you should marry him, he wud be perfect for you. Later i came to realise after he visited me, under my mums encouragement tho she denies this now, that I love him. We have been together for 1 year almost and still feel very strongly. however my mum doesnt want him as a son in law in any way shape or form anymore after he almost made a comment that was appropraite for the context of the convo but inappropriate to an elder, and although i have managed to make her hear his apology she treats me like a child, does not trust me, and makes threats that hurt me if he comes to the house to propose. I do sabr and dua everyday but she is very headstrong and stubborn. Can i please have advice, because I am very happy with him and likewise and we wish to marry. tho when the time is right, or else a lot of friction will start again, it is hard now as it is.

My father accepts him, he is well respected within the community, just my mother shows no respect nor consideration for my happiness.


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