The BBC's response to my claim of Bias

BBC Scotland Office - Glasgow

I complained over the quality of coverage by BBC News recently and especially on its focus on attacking Jeremy Corbyn no matter what the actual local election results suggested - they had a narrative from before the results had been declared and IMO stuck to that narrative even when the result contradited it. The whole aim was to make Jeremy Corbyn look bad no matter what the outcome of the elections.

The BBC has sent me the following response:

Media Bias: Ali Abunimah confronts BBC World Service (and other stories)

Ali Abunimah confronts media bias on BBC World Services, tells anchor to do some journalism


Great interview where Ali Abunimah of Electronic Intifada tells it how it is, calls out the BBC in their biased reporting. Brilliant watch. More anchors need to be called out like this.

Special Question time tonight

Tonight BBC 1 will be showing a special Question time at 10:35 PM in regards to the recent riots and lootings that have taken place

I would not want to be any of them on the panel tonight

I bet sir Paul Stephenson is dancing up and down about his resignation other wise had he been in charge he might have been called on the panel as a guest

Death of Language

The death of language?

An estimated 7,000 languages are being spoken around the world. But that number is expected to shrink rapidly in the coming decades. What is lost when a language dies?

In 1992 a prominent US linguist stunned the academic world by predicting that by the year 2100, 90% of the world's languages would have ceased to exist.

"Most people are not at all interested in the death of languages," he says. "If we are not cautious about the way English is progressing it may eventually kill most other languages."

What is lost?