Gender Segregation in Universities??!!

Students in the UK are demonstrating against university guidelines allegedly backing gender segregation. Channel 4 News looks at what sparked the debate in the UK's biggest universities.

Campaigners are targeting Universities UK (UUK) offices in Tavistock Square, London, after the organisation published a report last month saying universities could segregate by gender during talks from external speakers.

In the report, UUK claimed that universities faced a complex balance of promoting freedom of speech without breaking equality and discrimination laws.

Segregation - why?

On Friday, I was asked, why in Islam for certain events, men and women were segregated.

I've grown up used to the idea that segregation existed in Islamic events. So it's kind of become the norm.

But what's the reason for the segregation? Or is the answer the obvious?

Principles are that we shouldn't look at the other sex in that way. So if segregation didn't exist, surely it would be a test of our faith?

Also, daily life involves mixing. Then for a 2 hour Islamic event, you get segregation? Is it pointless?