Ramadan 2013

According to Google it is Ramadan in 4233600 seconds...... Just 7 weeks.

The companions used to prepare 6 months before, so you can say this blog is 192414 minutes late. Oops.

This is the one and only Ramadan 2013 blog where you can say anything and everything up until the month is over. (That's why I made sure I got in there before anyone else did Dirol )

Ramadan is a MASSIVE deal because its just amazing all year round. The physical, mental and spiritual peace is just surreal. We shouldn't take this opportunity for granted, so strive to capture as much benefits as possible!

Ramadan Worship Checklist

Ramadan Worship Checklist

This is the most comprehensive Ramadan worship checklist out there. Surely one of the best way we can make the best of each and every precious second in the blessed month of Ramadan is to have a worship checklist that we can refer to.

Downloading the Ramadan Worship checklist:

Please download file by clicking on any of the links below to download it and then print and also forward to others so that we all maybenefit from making the best of each and every precious second this Ramadan!


[B]Download the Ramadan Worship Checklist on Skydrive:[/B]

The purpose of our lives?

Allah Subnaahahu wa ta'alaa tells us in the Holy Qur'an that he did not create mankind or the jinn except that they worship Him.

I guess this is what we've been created for, to worship God. When I first heard this, I was like "Hang about, our existence is only to worship God? That's it, no time off?" I had in my head the picture of being stuck on the prayer mat...indefinitely, and it was not a happy picture.

It was quite daunting actually, that the demand of the creator was that we should have no life and just be permanently in prostration upon the prayer mat. It seemed to me to be quite cruel.