Chinese diners eat live fish in YouTube video


Animal rights campaigners have criticised the Chinese over their extreme eating habits after a video of diners eating a live fish became a hit on the internet.

The film, in which a part-fried fish is shown breathing and wriggling on a plate as it is being slowly eaten alive in a restaurant, has been posted on the video-sharing website .

Yoplait Yop yogurt drink - HARAAAAAMMMM!!!!!!?

From You to Yop:

Hi there,

I was wondering about the ingredients of the Yop yogurt drinks, specifically the strawberry flavour.

I have seen it listed online as "suitable for vegetarians" but on the bottle it says that it contains cochineal.

I am a muslim and am wondering if this is suitable for consumtion under islamic dietary laws, so as much information as possible would be much appreciated.


and from Yop to You:

Dear You

Thank you for contacting Yoplait.

In September, the recipe and packaging of Yop was changed - the artificial colour additives (E122, E124, E151) were removed and replaced with natural colours. This change unfortunately means the product is no longer suitable for vegetarians.

India to import food amid drought

India will import food to make up for shortages caused by a drought thought to be affecting 700 million people, the finance minister has said.

The minister, Pranab Mukherjee, did not specify what would be imported and when, saying he wanted to avoid speculation on prices.

The drought is affecting almost half of India's districts.

Food prices have risen by 10% after poor monsoon rains hit sowing. Monsoon rains are critical to India's farmers.


The summer rains are crucial to crops such as rice, soybean, sugarcane and cotton.


Up to 70% of Indians are dependent on farm incomes, and about 60% of India's farms depend on rains.