Islam channel

Mohamed Ali Harrath, Islam Channel

Hardtalk, a 30 minute interview program by the BBC, interviews Mohamed Ali Harrath, Islam Channel chief.

As someone who has been looking closely at Islam, it is quite clear that he is lying throughout. The interviewer, who to be fair must have to cover an awful lot of topics, does not know enough about Islam to do a good job.

Muhammad (saw) The Final Legacy


"Muhammad(P.B.U.H) The Final Legacy" is Islam Channel’s first epic drama film series. It is filmed in Arabic with English subtitles with over 203 Syrian, Jordanian and Lebanese famous artists.

The series depicts the main key events that occurred in the life of Muhammad , starting from the day Abdul Muttalib (his grandfather) looked after him as an orphan after the death of his father through to the day the great leader of Mankind passed away.

The production budget exceeded $2.000.000. Nevertheless, neither high production, nor high cast can portray the greatness of our beloved Prophet Muhammad .