Aylan Kurdi | Tears for The Little Syrian Boy

Don’t turn away and hide your face,
It's not the time, it’s not the place,
Look at me, stand and stare,
Lifeless and listless do you care?
My only crime was to be born,
Three years ago in a place war torn,
My short lived life, my mother’s tears,
Hopes and dreams destroyed by fears,
And as the world turns inside out,
Back to front and full of doubt,
My picture goes around the earth,
Governments decide what we are worth,
An immigrant, or a refugee, 
Is that your eyes can see,
Human beings are we not the same,
Being used as pawns in a political game,
For now my life has ended here,
On a beach somewhere, so far so near 
Close to freedom, a promised land,

Gossip Queens and back stabbing

If an Islamic organisation is going to do something, I would expect it to have a basic level of standards:

  1. To not gossip
  2. To really do things for the sake of Allah and not for personal gain.
  3. To realise that humans are humans and cannot be perfect all the time and to give people an opportunity to repent and mend their ways.
  4. To not stab fellow Muslims in the back.

Granted organisations such as MPAC seem to not follow number 3 very well, but I had expected the following of the rest to be easier. However it seems that some gossip is just too juicy for them to not comment on.