The worlds population seven billion: UN sets out challenges

A major United Nations report has set out the challenges facing humanity a few days before the world's population is expected to reach seven billion.

It identifies many reasons to celebrate, including increased life expectancy and falling fertility rates.

But it also acknowledges the risks of rapid population growth.

The UN estimates that the world's seven billionth person will be born on 31 October and says by the end of this century, the world's total population could number more than 10 billion

Islam Against The World (Created By Me) Let me know what you think made couple of years ago =)

What has this world come to?
UK residents a national breakthrough,
But its still a messed up society where its Islam against da world,
little boys getting killed and dey rape da girls.
We dont understand what its like to be muslim,
by not following our religion we're attacking da islamic system.
and how can we call ourselves muslim when we do da same as all da uvers?
we drink blaze mix and we still call ourselves brothers.
Well close your eyes and picture judgement day
well what do you think your mind body and soul would say?
and im not saying dat im so perfect but everyone knows dat keeping knowledge is all worth it.
and at da end we aint all perfect people,
but move a step forward by treating people equal,
and treat islam for what it is and not just a word