8 Reasons why Osama bin Laden was bad for the Ummah

Irfan Jalil

8 – Confirmed media stereotypes

As if Muslims with bushy beards weren’t having a bad time already, what with stereotypes of Muslims terrorists in Hollywood films and Western newspapers. Along comes the biggest terrorist attack in America and its Muslims who are responsible. Not only that, but a Muslim in a big beard and turban praised those who carried out 9/11 and labelled them as martyrs. This totally contradicts Quran and Sunnah and can lead to kufr. To make matters worse, every other word in his speeches was Allah, Quran or Jihad. Not only did Muslims become synonymous with terrorism but so did Islam.

7 – Usurped authority

Government to attack "unbritish" Muslim behaviour

The last government had a "prevent" strategy to fight (mostly Muslim) extremism (which had some good goals but was also used to spy on the Muslim community and had a pretty negative image within the Muslim community).

Now this government wants to replace it with another one, but this instead of targeting violence or the promotion of violence, instead wants to focus on fighting what the government considers .

'Al Qaeda Bomber Worked For UK Intelligence'

I forgot to post this on the forums when it arose like a week or two ago, but its still recent enough and a topic that is bound to excite conspiracy theorists and deniers that say that the suicide bombings in Pakistan and elsewhere are actually a western led conspiracy:

An al Qaeda "assassin" accused of bombing Christian churches and a luxury hotel in Pakistan was working for British intelligence at the same time, according to leaked files.


By Shamim Miah

Islamophobia, or anti-Muslim prejudice, is increasingly becoming a dominant feature of public discourse and the Muslim collective experience in the UK and the rest of Europe.

In Europe Islamophobia is channelled through draconian policies which have resulted in restrictions on the public display of Islam; as in the case of France with the hijab and veil ban and the banning of building of minarets in Switzerland.

There have also been a number of populist far-right groups such as Geert Wilders Party of Freedom in the Netherlands. This party has called for the banning of the Quran. In the UK, demonisation of Islam and Muslims has led to the emergence of the English Defence League.

Stop and searches carried out: 100,000+, Terrorists caught: zero

Over 100,000 stops-and-searches: zero terrorists

When it comes to wasting police time, the biggest offenders appear to be...the police. That, at least, appears to be the conclusion of the Home Office. Its official statistics, published today, show that while police stopped over 100,000 individuals last year to "prevent acts of terrorism", there was not a single arrest for a terror offence as a result of these stops.

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Lowkey- Terrorist? [Music Video by GlobalFaction]


They're calling me a terrorist
Like they don't know who the terror is
When they put it on me, I tell them this
I'm all about peace and love
They calling me a terrorist
Like they don't know who the terror is
Insulting my intelligence
Oh how these people judge..

It seems like the Rag-heads and Paki's are worrying your Dad
But your dad's favourite food is curry and kebab
It's funny but it's sad how they make your mummy hurry with her bags
Rather read The Sun than study all the facts
Tell me, what's the bigger threat to human society
BAE Systems or home made IED's
Remote controlled drones killing off human lives
Or man with home made bomb committing suicide