3 dead in Kashmir protests


SRINAGAR, India — Three young people have died in violence in Indian-controlled Kashmir despite a curfew that continued for a third day Monday following the execution of a Kashmiri man convicted in a deadly 2001 attack on India’s Parliament.

Mohammed Afzal Guru was hanged in New Delhi early Saturday. Ahead of the execution, authorities ordered people in most of the Indian-held part of the disputed Kashmir region to remain indoors indefinitely in anticipation of anti-India protests.


Despite the curfew, protests and clashes between troops and demonstrators broke out at a dozen places in the region Monday. Police and paramilitary soldiers fired tear gas and used batons to chase away rock-throwing protesters, police said.

Who will Win Under 19 World Cup 2012 Australia or India..???

India and Australia Under 19 cricket teams are ready to face each other on 26th August 2012.


Here we can tell you the squad of both teams and you have to comment us your faverite teams with reason.


Australia Under-19s squad
WG Bosisto, KR Patterson, CT Bancroft, MJ Buchanan, S Cassel, HNA Conway, AJ Gregory, SR Hain, TM Head, JS Paris, JJ Peirson, GS Sandhu, MT Steketee, NG Stevens, AJ Turner

India Under-19s squad
U Chand, AD Nath, B Aparajith, P Chopra, SS Das , Harmeet Singh, AA Herwadkar, RB Kalaria, K Passi, SK Patel, Ravikant Singh, Sandeep Sharma, GH Vihari, Vikas Mishra, VH Zol

Leprosy: India's hidden disease

Leprosy has officially been eliminated in India, yet 130,000 new cases are diagnosed every year. Richard Cookson and Seyi Rhodes report on the plight of the patients shunned by society

Narsappa was just 10 years old when he was told he had leprosy, but the news changed the course of his life forever. People in his Indian village immediately began to shun him and told his parents that he had to leave. He says his mother started grieving for him "as if I was already dead". Shortly afterwards, his father took him to a hospital two hours away from home and left him there. No one ever came to visit him and Narsappa never went home again.

Race to help India flood stranded

A massive rescue and relief operation is under way in southern India after severe flooding left about 250 people dead and millions without homes.

More than 350 villages are still marooned after five days of heavy rain in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka states.

Rainfall has eased in the worst affected state of Karnataka but many farms have been destroyed.

The rains have come late. Only last week the government said India had been hit by the worst drought in 40 years.

Indian air force aircraft are being used to drop relief materials to the hundreds of thousands of villagers stranded by rising flood waters.

Soldiers have been trying to reach those affected in boats.

'No shelter'

India to import food amid drought

India will import food to make up for shortages caused by a drought thought to be affecting 700 million people, the finance minister has said.

The minister, Pranab Mukherjee, did not specify what would be imported and when, saying he wanted to avoid speculation on prices.

The drought is affecting almost half of India's districts.

Food prices have risen by 10% after poor monsoon rains hit sowing. Monsoon rains are critical to India's farmers.


The summer rains are crucial to crops such as rice, soybean, sugarcane and cotton.


Up to 70% of Indians are dependent on farm incomes, and about 60% of India's farms depend on rains.

"Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts" - TV Program Review

[b]By Majed Iqbal-[/b] [i]

The Four part episode titled "Blood, Sweat and T-shirts" drew to an end this week. The TV show Followed Six young fashion addicts who swap shopping on the high street with working in India’s cotton fields and clothes factories. Amrita (21), Georgina (20), Mark (24), Richard (24), Stacey (20) and Tara (21) decide to visit India and witness first hand the role of this country in supplying the UK with high street fashion

[b]By Majed Iqbal-[/b] [i]