Look Into Their Eyes

People Crying, People Dying..The Truth Has Been Murdered

I Know They're All Lying..

It's All An Illusion, It's A Pre-Planned Deception

If You're A Non Believer Then You're An Exception

I Watch Them Suffer, I Watch Them Cry

I Have Seen Their Hopes...Their Happiness Die

My Sisters Tears Aren't Fake, She's Drowned In Devastation

My Eyes Fill With Tears..Watching This Manipulation

Baby Haniya Is Waiting For Mummy To Be Free

My Heart Breaks Watching Her Wait

Watching Her Wait So Patiently

A Mother Is Eagerly Waiting For Her Son

Innocent Abdullah...Six Years He's Been Gone

I Read It In The Papers, In The News..Everyday

That Innocence Is A Danger To Us In Every Way

But Brothers And Sisters You've Gotta Help Me Out

Hope Drowning In Pain

Not A Day Goes By When A Mother Doesn't Scream
Not A Day Goes By Without Another Broken Dream
A Rush Of Tears Is Flooding Shattered Hearts
Once Happy Families Have Been Left In Parts
Rivers Of Blood Flow Through Every Street
A Mother And Daughter Are Yearning To Meet

As Much As I Want To Help, I Cant Take Away Their Pain
Watching Innocent Orphans Suffer Is Driving Me Insane
Deep Down In My Heart I Know They Shall Be Free
They Too Shall Smile Happily And Live Like You And Me

This Life Is A Test, That One Day Shall End
Thats When ALLAH Will Make Those Beautiful Hearts Mend
There'll Be No Scream, No Broken Dream, No Death And No Tear
True Eternal Happiness Shall Surely Be Living Here

So Someone Go Tell The Suffering Unmmah To Bravely Hold On Tight