I may be scared of leopards.

Not so long ago, I watched a very interesting documentary about leopards. I don't know much about them besides the fact that they have sharp teeth, have beautiful skin and a part of the cat family. Watching this seemed ideal to help me to widen my horizons.

There were certain parts that made me love these creatures to bits and there were certain parts that made me angry at humans for being so inconsiderate and heartless and other parts that made me scared to ever be anywhere near one of them. A lot of mixed emotions and feelings.

A women who stabbed her husband to death in a row over what to watch on TV

A women who stabbed her husband to death in a row over what to watch on TV was jailed for ten years Dec 6

Leonora Sinclair, 50, repeatedly stabbed husband Lloyd in his leg after he refused to forfeit watching football to let her watch Harry Hill's TV Burp, the court heard.

Mr Sinclair, who was a deacon at the Ministry of Praise in Tottenham, north London, was found by paramedics bleeding heavily at the family home in Enfield, north London, on January 15.

A mother has called for the return of the death penalty in UK

Killed for a free breakfast

Joshua Davies lured 15-year-old Rebecca Aylward into woodland near Bridgend in South Wales and tried to strangle her.

When that failed, he smashed her skull with a rock the size of a rugby ball.

Davies, 16, left Rebecca face down in the pouring rain in the new clothes she had bought for their meeting.

He later returned to the wood with a friend to show him the body. At his trial, Davies tried to blame the friend for the killing