Police give out 10,000 sweets in bid to keep rowdy students quiet

Officers will hand out the rock sweets, which bear the messages ‘Quiet Please’ and ‘Shush’ to drinkers

Police have bought 10,000 sweets to hand out to students to remind them to be quiet when they come home from a night out.

Officers will hand the rock sweets, which bear the messages ‘Quiet Please’ and ‘Shush’, to drinkers in Durham.

These will be reserved for busy nights in the city and handed out when officers feel revellers need a reminder to keep the noise down as they make their way home.

The idea follows complaints about rowdy students in residential areas.

Late-night noise is a genuine issue for a number of our residents and we hope that this initiative will make a difference.

Meet the burglars who burgled you

Victims of burglary and other crimes are increasingly being offered the opportunity to meet the criminals who offended against them, in a controversial scheme aimed at empowering victims and potentially cut levels of re-offending among former prisoners


A teenage burglar wrote a letter to his victim, blaming the householder for the crime and saying he felt no remorse, police say.

West Yorkshire Police did not pass on the letter but released it to warn people about the dangers of leaving their properties vulnerable to intruders.

The badly-spelt letter says: "To be honest I'm not bothered or sorry about the fact I burgled your house. Basicly, it was your fault anyways."

From Crime To Islam

The Revival looks at one young mans journey from life on the street to life in prison and then discovering Islam again.

Offence: In possession of drugs with the intent to supply
Time Spent: 6 years

The point in my career which led me to engage in activities of crime was when my mother died. Being only 18 and very close to my mum, it was a huge shock when cancer had swept throughout her entire body and therefore, being unable to cope, I thought taking drugs and alcohol would temporarily ease the pain.

Two pakistani men convicted of grooming and raping "young white girls"

Two pakistani men have been convicted of grooming "young white girls" and Jack straw thinks the Pakistani community needs to get its act in order. ()

I think the criticism he has recieved for stereotyping is besides the point and that he is right to discuss the issue as it needs to be discussed.

That's karma for you

A man who robbed a takeaway driver of pizzas, cash and his mobile phone was caught after his mother let the victim into their house to call the police.


He went to the first available lit window he could see, which turned out to be McManus's own home where he lived with his mother and brother.

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GangCulture :/ ---- Wrote this poem myself, R.I.P all those who have suffered!!

FOR ALL THOSE YOUTHS - brothers, sons and friends Sad you will always be remebered!!!

You won’t tell me how its been
How you’ve lived, what you’ve seen

But the walls speak of the pain
The street shows me your gain
Your “boys” don’t give a toss

Your cell number shows me your loss …..

But your eyes tell me your story
Your gang warfare and so called glory

A stab wound, a slash, right on his chest
Ya boys are buzzin
What will it be next ….

Your pockets getting heavy
Your egos getting bigger
You thinking your solid
Then somebody call you n****r

Your anger and pain get blown out of proportion
Plus your all high
Buying crack for extortion

You wanna kill him
Cuz you think you’re all fly
Shoot him to the ground