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Ways to Boost Self Esteem in an Individual

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The best way to improve your self-esteem is to learn from your experience and not to repeat any mistakes you did in the past, otherwise it will just be a never-ending cycle.

Be true to yourself, after all, that matters most is how you see yourself and deem importance to yourself even if someone has a negative opinion about you. Never undermine your qualities.

Muslim killing a Muslim because he was not Muslim enough?

Muslim killing a Muslim because he was not Muslim enough? No we are not talking ISIL in Syria, but Glasgow in the United Kingdom.

Now that the trial of Tanveer Ahmed is over for the killing of Asad Shah the shop keeper in Glasgow.

[“UK: Muslim ‘expert’ on Islamist radicalisation says stabbed Ahmadi shopkeeper was ‘not a real Muslim’] Researcher Shiraz Maher wrote he does not ‘regard Ahmadis as Muslims’

Beautiful and Pretty Mosques of the World

Islam has been around for centuries now and Muslims had the opportunity to rule the world with the Islamic way of life. It was during this period that Muslims spread the Quran education all over the world. For some years, Muslims were the torch bearers of literature, science and architect. It is during this rule that you can observe the greatest creations and achievements of Muslims.For more details please visit the site below: