Children grow up addicted to online porn sites

Children grow up addicted to online porn sites: Third of 10-year-olds have seen explicit images

A 'guinea p**’ generation of children is growing up addicted to hardcore internet pornography, MPs were warned last night.

Four out of five 16-year-old boys and girls regularly access porn online while one in three ten-year-olds has seen explicit material, a disturbing cross-party report reveals.

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Women will be able to receive the morning-after pill by courier

Morning after pill can be ordered online and delivered to an address in London within two hours for £20

Women will soon be able to have the morning-after pill delivered by courier to their office.

A ‘pill-by-bike’ emergency contraception service is being launched in London to save women from visiting their GP or waiting for the post to arrive.

This is the first time the morning-after pill will be delivered to the door like a business contract, with the service prompted by customer demand