I haven't been on here for a little while, but i've been very busy trying to sort myself out.
Now, after lots of job-hunting, iv been offered 3 jobs all at once!!
2 in turkey, starting middle of next month, 1 is in Ankara (the capital) but it's only for 6 weeks, the other is in Konya which is the hometown of Rumi & is all spiritual apparently, & is for over 2 months so I would prefer that I think.

Can you work in a place which sells haram food or alcohol?

Shaykh Salim Giza

Answer by Shaykh Salim Giza

In the name of Allah the most Beneficent and Merciful.

Working in a place that sells Alcohol or Haram food carries a different ruling depending upon the circumstances. Generally it is Haram for a Muslim to work in a place which sells Alcohol or serves Alcohol in it's premises. The same applies for Haram food as the general ruling is; what is Haram to you is also Haram to others', whether they believe it or not.

Our scholars state:

"Anything haram to use oneself is haram to give to another." [Ibn Nujaym, al-Ashbah; Majalla]