First steps (or how to introduce yourself)


Are you new? not sure what to do? well read on!

You can simply jump right in, take part in discussions and make yourself a home.

You may however prefer to be more formal and "announcement" your presence and membership. You can do this by creating a forum topic in the forum or by creating a blog post if you have more to say in your introduction.

For the shy, there is the age old "" topic that you can post in, but here the introductions can get lost so I do not prefer this method.

Where to announce?

There is the forum topic that is ancient and has many announcements in it. You can say your hello in there.

If you are more daring, then you can also create a blog post.


so this is going to be a little presentation for those who wanna know...

i was born in mauritius a little island near madagascar, south-east of Africa...

but dont ask!

i went france when i was just one so i cant tell you anything about it (personal experiense-wise)

i lived in france for 11 years, a little city near paris

we did hijra and i've been in england for 2 years now Alhamdoulillah Biggrin

want to know more just lemme know :/