Ways to Boost Self Esteem in an Individual

Woman Skateboarding

The best way to improve your self-esteem is to learn from your experience and not to repeat any mistakes you did in the past, otherwise it will just be a never-ending cycle.

Be true to yourself, after all, that matters most is how you see yourself and deem importance to yourself even if someone has a negative opinion about you. Never undermine your qualities.

Cairo: City of a Thousand Minarets

As the aircraft steers towards the runway in Cairo, the sun beams through the small window accompanying my seat. From above I can vividly see minarets reaching out into the skyline from the hundreds or so mosques that line the streets of Cairo.

Onto the road, the city is no longer at a distance and it soon becomes apparent this ancient city possesses something unique.

Yalla Yalla! Come on shouts the traffic warden as I try to battle it out to get through the traffic onto the other side in order to reach the hotel.

As I get closer a young boy barely old enough to care for himself grabs my arm and attempts to escort me to a nearby café, as he ran all the way just for me, I accept but do not go until I check into the hotel, so then he waits outside.

Egyptian Adventure

Ya'qub Bell

My journey to Egypt was the first time I had ever set foot in an Islamic country, and because I had recently become a Muslim, I went there with a mixture of excitement and trepidation.

Would it live up to my expectations or was I in for a horrible let-down? Arabs are famous for their generosity and hospitality, but I’d also been told scare-stories of tourists who’d been duped into being parted with their money. I travelled with two brothers: one Malaysian and one Filipino.

Women and travel


A couple of days ago, the subject of travel came up and I mentioned that I thought it was allowed for women to travel as long as the destination was not more than a couple of days away.

Since that was off the top of my head, I decidded to google it and see what the true wording, evidence for it was. One of the contained this: