face veil

The UK Coalition government continues its crusade against the veil and Muslim Women's freedoms

Following my on the subject, it can be seen that the UK coalition government is focussing on the (non-existant) issue of the face veil, testing out waters over what they can get away with.

Today, the - He publicly stated that "it should be up to the" GMC etc to decide if veils should be worn in hospitals etc.

If we do not protect the rights of Muslim women, we will end up like France

The general elections may be one and a half years away but it seems that electioneering has started.

Until now the Coalition government has focussed on blaming the poor and vulnerable for the poor state of the economy while ignoring their rich friends which fund them and actually created the economic mess.

But now a new front has been opened up recently, as evidenced by a college's attempt to ban the face veil in Birmingham. While the college eventually backed down, it was not without first recieving the full backing of the Prime Minister.