The UK Coalition government continues its crusade against the veil and Muslim Women's freedoms

Following my on the subject, it can be seen that the UK coalition government is focussing on the (non-existant) issue of the face veil, testing out waters over what they can get away with.

Today, the - He publicly stated that "it should be up to the" GMC etc to decide if veils should be worn in hospitals etc.

Until he had made that statement, it had never been an issue. But started a debate. An example is the responses to this tweet by Mahdi Hassan:

Notice how the doctor mentions how this has never been an issue, but a bigot stands up claiming that it is, but when called on it, turns to the future "it could happen in the future".

The Coalition is playing on people's fears and prejudices in order to pretend that they are on their side. It is a very organised, orchastrated and calculated attack - they do not expect much backlash and since the target is so small, their voting power to vote for something else is between miniscule to non existant.

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